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High-Performance Compact Printer YCP10 Overview

Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large PCBs and a wide variety of stencil frames

High-Performance Compact Printer YCP10
High-Performance Compact Printer YCP10

Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large PCBs and a wide variety of stencil frames

  • Built-in features from high-end machine models deliver high print accuracy and quality!
  • Multiple functions and extreme versatility all wrapped into 1 compact unit!
  • Support for Yamaha SMT production line network, delivers highly efficient production.

Function and Feature

YAMAHA’s original 3S head

Built-in Features from High-end Machine Models Deliver High Print Accuracy and Quality!

Stencil vacuum

Solder remaining quantity detection function (Option)

Recommend for Such Production Site

For customers requiring high print quality and user-friendly operation

Loaded with various functions to ensure user-friendly operation and stable printing quality.

The original 3S head allows it to handle a broad range of PCB and solder paste types

  • Attack angle is variable so a wider range of print conditions are available and a flexible response can be made to every production need with the adjustable attack angle function. It meets all kinds of printing conditions for all types of production tasks.
  • The single squeegee uses less solder paste and stencil cleaning time is short.

Stencil pickup and attach function with stencil vacuum achieves high accuracy printing and stable print quality.

  • The PCB and stencil adhere tightly together during printing to prevents print deviations due to stencil warping.
  • Stabilizes and improves print quality with micro-aperture stencils
  • Minimizes variations in squeegee back-and forth path to achieve high printing quality

Graphic alignment function allows easily checking and adjusting print position alignment with no special skills needed

  • Composite image of PCB and stencil appears on the screen to support position alignment
  • Even a beginner can easily do print positioning and adjustment. This achieves high-accuracy printing possible without needing special skills.

Our 2D inspection function prevents defect products from reaching the customer

  • Using a dedicated camera and lighting projection achieves high-speed inspection functions just as good as solder paste inspectors (SPI)
  • Auto feedback function prevents blurring from overlapping printing and does auto-cleaning when bleed defects occur

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