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Premium printer YSP10 Overview

World Class Speed and Performance! Capable of fully autonomous changeover tasks!

Premium printer YSP10
Premium printer YSP10

World Class Speed and Performance! Capable of fully autonomous changeover tasks!

  • Ultra-high-speed printing performance!
    Including cleaning 12sec/cycle / 10sec/cycle
  • Positioning repeatability
    6σ : ±0.01mm
  • Handles large PCBs
    L510 x W510mm [Option L650 x W510mm]
  • Stencils size

Function and Feature

YAMAHA’s original 3S head

Supports fully autonomous stencil exchange

Ultra Fast Cycle Time

Supports extra-large boards & large-size stencils

Recommend for Such Production Site

For customers doing multi-product production with many setups and changeovers

Achieves operator free operations and drastically reduces downtime during changeovers Drastically cuts downtime during setups-changeovers to free the operator from time-consuming tasks

3 automated steps achieve operator-free setups and changeovers

  • Automatic stencil replacement: After presetting the stencil needed for the next production run, the machine automatically replaces the stencil as scheduled
  • Automatic push-up pin exchange function: Automatically exchanges the push-up pins and stencil simultaneously to reduce operator tasks and pin placement errors
  • Automatic solder transfer : Automatically transfers solder to maintain the solder roll diameter. Eliminates the rolling taks.

Automated solder refills with various functions

  • Automatic solder supply by 12 ounce solder cylinder PSC.
  • Solder remaining quantity detection alerts operator before the solder syringe runs out of solder
  • Solder remaining quantity detection constantly maintains solder at the preset width

Provides stable print quality

  • 3S head: adjustable attack angle, refill compensator, printing conditions are easy to find and use
  • Stencil vacuum function: Superior repeatability
  • Solder auto supply option and solder remaining quantity detection

Allows scheduling the next model

  • Operator can schedule next production run so doesn't have to directly go and check the operator screen on the next machine. This reduces the operator work load.

For customers requiring high-speed printing

High speed printing on the world's fastest level.

Achieves a cycle time on the world's fastest level of 12 seconds including cleaning.

  • Achieves short cycle time with 3S head servo control and efficient PCB transfer specs.
  • Achieves short cycle time with parallel stencil cleaning and PCB transfer.

For customers requiring user-friendly operation and stable printing quality

Equipped with various functions to ensure higher printing stability and better operability

Yamaha's unique 3S head can handle all types of PCBs and paste materials that make it easy to operate.

  • Adjustable squeegee attack angle of 3S squeegee is compatible with a wide range of printing conditions to flexibly adjust to all types of production scenarios.
  • 3S single squeegee uses less solder paste and is cleanable in a short time.

Stencil pickup and attach function achieves high accuracy printing and stable print quality

  • Strongly sealing the stencil to the PCB during printing reduces print deviations caused by stencil droop.
  • Improves micro-aperture printing quality and stabilizes printing.

Graphic alignment function allows even persons without skills to easily adjust and check the print position.

  • Composite image of stencil and PCB appears on the monitor to support position alignment tasks.
  • Even beginners can easily check and adjust the printing position. This ensures high accuracy printing even if the operator lacks skill.

Adding a 2D inspection function prevents defects from reaching the customer.

  • Using a dedicated camera and lighting achieves high speed equivalent to a dedicated solder paste inspector (SPI)
  • Automatic feedback function corrects blurred print defects due to print overlap and does self-cleaning when bleeding starts to occur.

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