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Compact High-Speed Modular YRM10 Overview

Packed with the technology of the YRM series’ high-end systems. “Just right” small, multi-purpose high-speed mounter

Compact High-Speed Modular YRM10
Compact High-Speed Modular YRM10

Packed with the technology of the YRM series’ high-end systems. “Just right” small, multi-purpose high-speed mounter

  • Outstanding cost performance
    Value-added production with amounting capability, typically not achievable within the economy price range
  • Achieves high-quality production
    Toward defect-free production with high mounting accuracy and a wide range of functions
  • Easy-to-use, multi-purpose operation
    Simple, single-head operation bringing great usability

Function and Feature

Supports diverse PCBs with one head, achieving great productivity

Detects posture anomalies of components before mounting

Slim and light feeder improves operability

Recommend for Such Production Site

For customers looking for high productivity and quality with a handy 1-beam, 1-head machine

Packed with YR Series' high-end technologies
"just right" small, multi-purpose, high-speed mounter

Outstanding cost performance

  • Despite being a 1-beam, 1-head mounter, it has installed a high-speed multi-purpose inline head that boasts a high speed of 52,000 CPH, supporting a wide range of components from 0201 to 100 x 55mm.
  • The Scan camera on the head identifies components and improves productivity by minimizing the head movement.
  • With mounting precision of ±35μm, super-tiny components can be mounted extremely close to each other.
  • Compact system, measuring L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,445mm, achieving high productivity per area.

Wide-ranging functions that achieve high quality

  • Side view camera detects standing pickup of chip components. Side lighting prevents the mounting of defective BGAs.
  • Equipped with a coplanarity checker to detect warped lead of tray components.
  • Automatic nozzle-cleaning maintains constant normal operation, resulting in high quality.
  • Each nozzle has an ID so that nozzles can be managed individually.

Easy for anyone to use

  • Slim lightweight feeder and AutoLoadingFeeder achieves ease of setup and efficient supply.
  • Multi-shelf tray component feeder sATS15R supports efficient supply of tray components.
  • Takes only a single touch to replace the nozzle with the entire holder, achieving efficient nozzle setup and batch supply to automatic nozzle cleaner.

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