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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart


Intelligent Factory YSUP

IoT/M2M Integration system - System allows linking our SMT machines to equipment made by other companies and give all-around high productivity in the mounting process.

Simplified Programing
Programing & Scheduling Package

Simplified Data Conversion (YSUP-PG)

Create PCB data from various CAD data formats easily. PCB programs are transferable between Yamaha equipment (Printer, SPI, Mounter, AOI)

3D Graphical User Interface

The updated UI has drastically improved efficiency of data creation.

Real-time drawing

Reflects changes made to a graphic immediately to create error-free component data.

3D graphics

Displays the PCB data in a 3D image to make it easier to see the mounting status of components.

Mounting simulation

Displays a virtual PCB based on the PCB design datato check the PCB data for errors before actual mounting.
※ : PCB design data: Gerber data, ODB++, etc.

Multi-monitor support

Displays two screens simultaneously to realize comfortable operability.

Optimization via Automated Decision-Making (YSUP-PG)

Automatically identifies and groups similar PCBs to achieve minimal setup (calculates similarity of the PCBs based on common components)

Optimizes component setup positions and mounting sequences to realize efficient production. It is also possible to plan optimal setup groups or production sequences by considering the PCB surface, reflow conditions, soldering type, and other detailed conditions based on multiple PCB data.

Conventional Products(concurrent selling)

P-ToolFor Mounter, Printer, Inspector


Data Conversion (ASCII Data Conversion)


Visual Editor

P-Tool EcoExclusive for Printer & Dispenser

P-Tool simplified version includes essential functions for printers and dispensers.

P-Tool AOIExclusive for Inspector

P-Tool simplified version includes essential inspection functions

Smart Setup Operations
Production Assistance Package

Component Setup Monitoring

Component Setup Verification

Components setup verification function prevents invalid setup conditions.

Components setup verification function prevents invalid setup conditions.

Utilizes an off-line loading station and feeder cart to load components on feeders and setup feeders on dedicated carts. All setups will be validated based on machine specific program setup conditions.

Rank Monitoring (YSUP-ST / YSUP-MI)

Bin Code Management for LED Ranking can confirm the correct LED Rank is being mounted.

Material Time Limit Management(YSUP-ST / YSUP-MI)

Define and monitor setup and production times for any MSL ranked consumable. The system will reject those consumables that exceed defined time limits.

Remaining Components Monitoring

Components Remain Counter (YSUP-MI)

Provides component time and count remaining quantities for every reel within the production floor. Thresholds can be set for each reel that will prioritize reel replenishment for the reel splicing process.

Browser Output of Other Devices (YSUP-MT)

Provides a components Remains Count Chart output for web browsers that can be viewed on large screen Smart TV monitors or mobile devices alike.

Conventional Products(concurrent selling)

Component Setup Monitoring

Components setup verification function prevents invalid setup conditions.(S-Tool)

Component Setup Verification(IT Option)

Material Time Limit Management(S-Tool、IT Option)

Rank Monitoring(S-Tool、IT Option)

Remaining Components Monitoring

Output of Other Devices(M-Tool)

Components Remain Counter(IT Option)

Real-time Production Analysis
Monitoring Package

Live Production Dashboard

Visualize equipment operation, production OEE and quality conditions for the production floor or for each line. Customizable thresholds can be set for any parameter allowing for easy understanding of a failing condition. In addition, the dashboard display can be customized.

Production Analytics Dashboard

Production Analytics Dashboard utilizes Business Intelligence algorithms to convey a top-down approach to analyze cause and remedy solutions to improve production OEE.

Traceability Package

Production history search (T-TOOL)

T-Tools captures real-time data related to PCB assembly and machine driven events. Users will be able to query serialized data to pinpoint information at component level; gaining more visibility to extensive relational data.

Accumulation of all images (All Image Tracer)

Saves all of your mounter component recognition images on-time, and all the way through the production process yet with no stress. Gives powerful support for analyzing component mounting quality.

Remote Support
Maintenance Package

Remote Machine Support

Allows support staff the ability to assist with issue resolution and provide training support. In turn, reducing downtime and loss of production.

Equipment Diagnostics Support

Every Yamaha machine keeps records for every aspect of operation.
This data can be analyzed to help find and resolve issues. Our support staff can assist customers by reviewing historic data and providing resolutions to improve production efficiency.

1. Obtaining production logs

Uses the remote maintenance support functions to obtain production logs.

2. Using dashboards

Visualizes production logs.
Analyzes production loss.

3. Sharing machine operation reports

Feeds information back to customers.
Supports loss reduction.

4. Measures and prevention

Offers an after-sales service menu.
Paid maintenance.
Regular maintenance.

Flexible M2M
M2M Collaboration

Auto Program Change-Over (APCO)

APCO automates change over for tooling, programs, setup and conveyor width.

Printer ←→ SPI Feedback

Defect result offsets from SPI can be fed back to printer to automatically adjust print offset. Also, SPI machine can request Stencil Cleaning operation at Printer.

Mounter ←→ AOI linking (QA Option)

AOI defect results can be fed back to the mounting process to provide equipment operator information related to the defect. In turn, allowing the opportunity to resolve the issue in real-time.

Simultaneous image display in each process (Process Correlation)

Swiftly pinpoints the process where a failure occurred by displaying images from and the production status of each process simultaneously to support production process quality improvement.

IoT Platform

MES・Cloud Linkage
Please contact us for details.

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