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Premium Printer YRP10 Overview

High-speed、high-quality printer that achieves complete automatic setups and changeovers. It also supports both single lane and dual lane production.

Premium Printer YRP10
Premium Printer YRP10

High-speed、high-quality printer that achieves completes automatic setups and changeovers.
It also supports both single lane and dual lane production.

  • High-speed printing performance Core cycle time: 6 seconds
  • Printing accuracy μ±6σ : ±16μm Cpk≧2.0
    (Measured using CeTaQ under optimum conditions of YAMAHA)
  • Completely automated setups and changeovers
  • Dual lane fully independent production

Function and Feature

High-quality, highly durable single head that is easy to handle single head

Dramatically reduces man-hours by completely automatic setups and changeovers

Automatic setup function and dual-lane production

W330 mm large PCB dual lane transfer

Recommend for Such Production Site

To those customers who want to realize prolonged, unmanned, nonstop solder printing

Realization of production that does not require any operator

Completely automatic setups and changeovers

  • Stencil is automatically replaced by presetting the stencil for the next model and making a production reservation.
  • Push-up pin arrangement is automatically changed in parallel with stencil replacement, reducing operators’ workload and the number of mistakes in pin arrangement.
  • Realizes transfer to a new stencil with the solder rolling shape maintained, eliminating waste in the rolling operation.

Supply of a large amount of solder that realizes a nonstop operation for 8 hours a day

  • Solder is automatically supplied for many hours with a 12-oz. solder syringe PSC.
  • The solder width is always monitored and kept constant, resulting in stable printing quality.
  • The syringe can be replaced within a minute, minimizing the downtime.

To those customers who pursue difficult, high-quality printing

YAMAHA’s original functions that support difficult printing

Basic performance that realizes high printing precision

  • Rigid body that realizes printing precision of μ±6σ : ±16μm Cpk≧2.0
  • Contact with PCBs is ensured by a stencil vacuum system, improving the solder filling.
  • The printing position is adjusted automatically by SPI link, realizing high-precision printing.

YAMAHA’s original functions for various types of paste and PCBs

  • YAMAHA’s original 3S head whose squeegee attack angle can be changed.
  • Automatic Push-up Pin Exchange system can be supported by the entire board.

Own process completion by closed loop

  • High-speed, high-precision built-in SPI using dedicated cameras.
  • Executes double printing and cleaning from inspection results of the built-in SPI.

To those customers who want to use single-lane and dual-lane lines efficiently

Single/dual-lane printer that adopts a common platform

Realization of completely automatic setups for dual lane

  • The two-printer straight layout enables adaptation of various automatic setup functions to dual lane.
  • A YAMAHA original traverse conveyor realizes flexible connection to downstream equipment.
  • Supports dual lane for large PCBs whose width is up to 330 mm.

Platform common to single lane and dual lane

  • The number of maintenance parts required is minimized by commonalizing parts.

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