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Compact High-speed Modular YSM10 Specifications, External dimension

YSM series entry model mounter that achieved both the world’s fastest speed and versatility in its class worldwide!


Applicable PCB L 510 x W 460mm - L 50 x W 50mm
Note : Available in lengths up to L950mm as an option.
Applicable components 03015mm to W55 x L100mm (For parts sizes larger the width 45mm, recognition of parts is divided into sections.), Height 15mm or less
Note : A multi camera (option) is required for part heights exceeding 6.5mm or part sizes exceeding 12mm
Mounting capability HM head (10 nozzle) specification : 46,000CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)
HM 5 head (5 nozzle) specification : 31,000CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)
Mounting accuracy
(Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor when standard evaluation materials are used)
+/-0.035mm (+/-0.025mm) Cpk 1.0 (3σ)
Number of component types Fixed plate : Max. 96 types (conversion for 8mm tape feeder) Note 1
Tray : 15 types (maximum when equipped with sATS15, JEDEC)
Power supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Air supply source 0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry state
External dimension L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,445mm
Weight Approx. 1,270kg
Note 1 : Please consult our sales representative if you need feeder carriage specifications.
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

External dimension

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