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Glossary of Casting Terminology "W"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
wall thickness The thickness of a product or component's walls when seen from its cross-section.
warping The deformation of a product due to external force in the direction the force is applied in. The shape of the product changes when such deformation becomes permanent.
water resistance The capability of a casting to resist water intrusion or not deteriorate or break from exposure to water.
water supply pipe A pipe for supplying water.
waterproof Preventing the intrusion of water.
wave When figures create an up-down waving shape when plotted on a graph with time on the horizontal axis and physical amount on the vertical axis.
wear A reduction in surface geometry of a solid due to abrasion.
welding The process of melting and fusing two or more materials into one unit using heat, pressure or electricity.
wire mesh inclusion During low-pressure die casting or similar processes, the pouring gate mesh (casting filter) is used to smooth flow and prevent oxide inclusion. But it can unintentionally enter the area where the product forms, remaining after the pouring gate is cut and resulting in a defective casting.
wooden pattern A wooden mold used to create a sand mold for producing a casting. In Japan, thoroughly seasoned Japanese white pine or cypress is often used for wooden patterns.
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