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OEM Casting and Forging

Automobile Engines with Highly Complex Intake, Exhaust, and Cooling Systems

Technology for mass-producing high-performance cylinder heads for automobile engines

Automobile Engines with Highly Complex Intake, Exhaust, and Cooling Systems
  • Achieve performance requirements

Automobile engines must provide ever-higher performance while still meeting numerous regulations that grow stricter nearly every year. This need has led to increasingly more complex intake, exhaust, and cooling system layouts and designs. Employing core production technologies delivering high quality, strength, and good core fitment, Yamaha has established techniques for single-piece exhaust manifold assembly and complex two-stage double water jackets. These technologies contribute to the mass production of cylinder heads for high-performance automobile engines.


Build high-performance car engines that still comply with exhaust emissions regulations

DevelopmentDirection #1

Reduce the number of parts to raise manufacturing efficiency and lower costs


01Core Production Technology

Improved our mold/die/core manufacturing technologies to achieve the required level of performance

One-piece exhaust manifold

One-piece exhaust manifold

Double water jacket

Double water jacket


  • 01Industry-leading eco-friendliness
  • 02Desired engine performance achieved
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