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OEM Casting and Forging


A list of answers to frequently asked questions about our casting and forging operations.


Does Yamaha accept manufacturing requests for parts other than ones meant for motorcycles?
We accept requests for parts meant for automobiles, marine engines and any other industry. Please view our Part Portfolio to see examples of our casting expertise.


Can you create parts for electric vehicles?
We already have experience in producing parts for EVs, so please contact us for further details.


What kind of casting methods can Yamaha employ?
We can do high-pressure die-casting, low-pressure casting and gravity casting. All of our methods use casting dies.


What kind of casting equipment is available?
Besides the casting machines listed below, we also have a wide range of equipment for conducting machining and processing to testing and evaluation. Please view Our Facilities for details.
High-pressure die-casting: 350-ton to 3,500-ton locking force.
Low-pressure casting: 500 kg and 1,000 kg hold.
Gravity casting: tilting and stationary types.


What types of materials can Yamaha work with?
We specialize in aluminum and magnesium applications.
For high-pressure die-casting: ADC12 alloy, aluminum–silicon–magnesium alloy series for chassis parts, aluminum with high silicon content, magnesium, etc.
For low-pressure and gravity casting: AC4B, AC4C, AC4CH, etc.
We can work with many other materials, so please contact us for details.


Up to what size of parts can Yamaha manufacture?
For high-pressure die-casting: Parts requiring 350 to 3,500-ton locking force.
For low-pressure casting: Up to 600 mm in width, 300 mm in depth and 200 mm in height.
For gravity casting: Up to 600 mm in width, 400 mm in depth and 500 mm in height.
This can differ depending on the part so please contact us for details.


Are there limitations to production volume?
Most requests are for 500 to 200,000 parts per year, but we can increase or decrease volume accordingly for the type of part, casting method, part size, etc. Please contact us for details.


Can we contact Yamaha about a part or project still in the planning stage?
Of course! Even if schematics have yet to be drawn up, please feel free to contact us.
We take privacy matters very seriously and any information received from clients is protected under a non-disclosure agreement.


Can we ask Yamaha to build a prototype?
We do not accept requests to build only a prototype, but we do build prototypes if the prerequisite is for later part production by Yamaha, such as a sand mold or casting die.
Due to current circumstances, we have temporarily stopped accepting enquiries.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are hoping for your kind consideration.
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