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Glossary of Casting Terminology "M"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
machining To perform cutting or the like on a casting with a machine tool to form or finish it into the desired dimensions and shape.
machining chip The chips resulting from cuts produced when machining metal.
machining datum A flat plane set on a casting to serve as the base point for the X, Y and Z directions during machining.
magnetic flux density The area density per unit area for the intensity and direction (magnetic flux) of a magnetic field.
magnetic particle inspection (MPI) A type of nondestructive inspection method for detecting and measuring stress cracks, etc., in metals. When a magnetic material such as steel is magnetized, a leak of magnetic flux occurs if there is a defect, thus making it possible to detect them with this method.
manifold An aggregate of parts for intake or exhaust in an internal combustion engine, or an aggregate of the multiple valves of hydraulic or pneumatic lines into a single line.
maraging steel A special type of steel containing numerous alloy elements such as nickel, cobalt and molybdenum. Following martensitic transformation, this steel undergoes age-hardening, giving it high strength and toughness.
mark A generic term for things that remain on the casting due to the casting design such as a gate mark or ejector pin mark.
measuring cylinder A thin, transparent cylindrical container used for measuring the volume of a liquid. Its bottom is flat and wide to prevent it from falling over and the top is shaped with a lip for pouring.
mechanical properties Properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and hardness of materials like iron, steel and nonferrous metals.
melting and holding furnace A furnace capable of both melting metal and holding it in a liquid state. This type of furnace can be installed on a casting machine without the need of a central melting furnace, helping contribute to a more compact plant layout and enabling usage of a wider variety of materials. However, a melting and holding furnace also presents challenges in ensuring the accuracy of molten metal temperatures and control of molten metal quality.
metal connector An electrical part for easily relaying and contacting the electric signals from the hydraulic cylinders, etc., included with a mold.
mill sheet A document that certifies the properties and composition of raw casting materials. It is provided to the ordering party upon the delivery of such materials.
minor stop A brief stoppage of production equipment on a continuous production line to quickly remedy a breakdown or problem.
misrun A casting defect produced by the molten metal beginning to solidify for some reason before completely filling the mold cavity, resulting in an unsuccessful formation of the desired casting.
modification To refine deposits such as primary crystal silicon by adding an additive to an alloy such as aluminum. Adding Na and Sr to a hypo-eutectic silicon alloy of aluminum and P to a hyper-eutectic silicon alloy to refine deposits of primary crystal silicon are known methods of modification.
Modi-float A material containing primarily sodium that floats on the surface of molten aluminum in order to modify the silicon content within the molten metal.
mold insert One of the components in molds for aluminum high-pressure die casting, gravity casting or low-pressure die casting. When it is difficult to manufacture a mold with an integrated cavity portion, or when a gas vent is set to the mold, or where a partial replacement of a cavity is required when deterioration of the mold is expected, the mold is configured with a divided structure and the mold insert used to form a specific cavity section.
mold lubricant In die casting and the like, this lubrication agent is sprayed in a single shot to the mold surfaces to facilitate the removal of the casting from the mold following complete solidification. Types include water-soluble agents, oil-based agents and mold lubricant powders.
mold number A casting mold reaches the end of its life after a certain number of shots and production is continued with a renewal mold. A mold number is the number given to that mold, representing the sequential order from the start of production and the order of each cavity.
mold shift Unevenness generated due to the mold's mating surfaces, draft direction in relation to the parting plane, and draft angle.
mold shift; mismatch Mismatching of the positions of a movable mold and a stationary mold or an upper mold and a lower mold due to misalignment or a lack of precision with the guide pins and guide bushes. Also refers to the mismatching of the movable mold and the stationary mold due to a lack of precision in the base point for the cavity when the molds were produced.
molding To produce a sand core used for casting. Core sand is blown into a mold and shaped there through heat curing or gas curing.
molten metal Metal in a liquid state.
molten metal level detect bar A pair of rods fitted to an automatic molten metal pouring machine, a holding furnace or the like to measure the level (height) of the molten metal. The level is confirmed by the electric current flowing between the rods.
molten metal level gauge A device for measuring the level (height) of molten metal.
molten metal pouring The process of pouring molten metal into the cavity (a casting design portion or a product shape portion) of a mold or sand mold. This is also simply called “pouring.”
molten metal pouring equipment A device for pouring molten metal into the cavity (a casting design portion or a product shape portion) of a mold or sand mold. This is also simply called a “pouring device.”
multi-cavity mold A mold with multiple product-shaping cavities inside it. It is capable of casting numerous products in a single cycle.
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