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Glossary of Casting Terminology "N"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
nipper A tool used for cutting wires in electrical wiring work or when repairing electric products.
nipple A tubular screw component for connecting pipes together.
nitriding A process for hardening steel and other metals by heating them in an ammonia-rich environment to form a nitride layer on the surface.
nominal dimension A descriptor for the general size or dimensions of a part or material. It does not reflect the actual dimensional tolerances or manufacturing errors and is used to describe the standard dimensions pertaining to said part or material. Also called “nominal size.”
nonmagnetic A property indicating no interaction with magnetic fields.
normal rotation To rotate in the direction specified. Rotation in the opposite direction is called ”reverse rotation.”
normalizing A heat treatment in which a piece of steel or iron is heated to a specific high temperature and then air-cooled in order to create a finer, more uniform crystal structure and remove residual stresses. This improves its mechanical properties and machinability.
nozzle Shaped like a thin pipe, it is attached to the tip of a device and is able to control the flow rate, flow speed, direction, pressure, etc., of a liquid substance. Nozzles are widely used in various casting processes.
number of vibrations The number of times a vibration with a uniform circular motion, simple harmonic motion or the like is repeated per unit of time.
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