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Glossary of Casting Terminology "L"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
ladder diagram A method for describing logic circuits in the programming language used by the sequencer, etc.
lance pipe A pipe through which inert gasses like argon or nitrogen gas are blown into the molten metal, e.g., aluminum, to purify or degasify it. Recently, ceramic materials are being used for lance pipes to prevent erosion due to the molten metal.
leakage A phenomenon in which air, etc., leaks to the outside due to the pressure applied to the insides of a casting, the water jacket, oil passages and the like.
lifting magnet A powerful electromagnet capable of picking up objects and metals that react to a magnetic field. It is often used for sorting different metals and transporting iron scrap.
lighting A light source for illuminating a particular place. This may refer to fluorescent, mercury, halogen lamps and the like. Recently, LED lamps have also been adopted to save energy.
loader A device for loading or filling a material.
loose piece A type of metal core used to form undercuts in high-pressure die casting, etc. It is set in the mold and removed together with the casting, etc., once the process is complete. It is then removed from the product itself and re-used for casting again.
looseness When a casting mold is at high temperatures, the elongation of the metal can cause the slide, etc., to stick and fail to move if the gap between the slide and slide rail is too small. Looseness is the extra clearance provided to help prevent this phenomenon.
lower mold A mold attached to the lower plate in casting machines and shell core making machines that open and close vertically. In low-pressure die casting and gravity casting, it often becomes the datum surface for machining later, an important factor in casting surface quality, etc.
low-pressure die casting A casting process in which a holding furnace positioned below the mold is made airtight and air pressure applied to push the molten aluminum alloy or the like inside upward through a fill stalk (a molten metal supply conduit) positioned at the center and into the mold above at low speed and under low pressure in order to form a casting. This method has an excellent yield and produces excellent casting quality. It is often abbreviated to “LP.”
lubricant A substance for lubricating the slide of a mold, the tie bar of a casting machine, etc.
lubricating oil An oil applied to the slide of a mold, the tie bar of a casting machine, etc., for reducing the friction of contacting surfaces.
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