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Glossary of Casting Terminology "D"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
deburring The removal of unnecessary burrs produced during casting.
defect A defective phenomenon that occurs during casting. Also called a “casting defect.”
defective hole A state or a condition in which a casting has partially open holes somewhere.
deformation The plastic deformation of a metal or other object's shape when stressed beyond its elastic limit.
degassing The removal of hydrogen gas, etc., absorbed into a molten metal, like an aluminum alloy, with methods like flux-based degassing or rotary degassing using nitrogen gas or argon gas.
dent A depression or damage formed on a casting due to external force, a drop or an impact.
deoxidation The removal of oxides mixed into a molten metal, like an aluminum alloy, by using flux and stirring the molten metal.
depressure Releasing the pressure from the pressurized areas of hydraulic parts, etc., in order to safely perform maintenance. Not properly depressurizing parts prior to conducting maintenance often leads to accidents and requires care.
Dermatograph® A writing utensil and registered trademark of Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. In casting, it is used for marking a still-hot casting or when making corrections to seized portions of a mold.
device A generic term for casting machinery, peripheral equipment, etc.
diaphragm A membrane that flexes (displaces) in response to the effects of the pressure of a gas or a fluid. There are devices that make use of this property, such as a diaphragm pump.
die cracking When a crack (fissure) occurs in a mold after a certain number of shots.
die height The measure of distance (width) from the back side of the stationary mold to the back side of the movable mold.
directional solidification Performing progressive solidification in a mold filled with molten metal by having the first part of the final product solidify and then other portions successively solidify toward the riser or gate in order to improve the quality of castings.
discharge Ejecting a fluid by means of a pump or the like.
displacement Amount or degree of shift in the position of an object.
distribution Distributing molten metal from the central melting furnace, etc., to holding furnaces with insufficient molten metal due to use in casting operations.
dog A part attached to a bar and the like that presses the tip of a limit switch.
dome A hemispherical shape projecting upward, similar to the shape of a gasoline engine's combustion chamber.
downgage The process of reducing the thickness of a thick wall portion of a casting's shape to reduce weight and machining surface area, and to prevent shrinkage.
With molds, the portions for the back sides of parts are thinned to achieve better insulation, improve thermal balance and prevent shrinkage.
draft angle The angle designed into the cast piece to allow it to be removed smoothly from the mold. Without the draft angle, the cast piece can't be removed from the mold, and if the draft angle is insufficient, the resulting forces acting on the piece can increase the chance of cracking. Therefore, engineering the right draft angle for the product being cast is an important part of the design process.
drainage Equipment for discharging water accumulated in a structure, machine, device, pit, soil, etc., by a pump or other means.
drainage pump A pump for discharging water. Drainage pumps are generally powered by an electric motor.
drainage valve A valve installed at the outlet of drainage piping for controlling the flow or stoppage of drainage water. Drainage valves may be manually operated or automatically operated such as with electromagnetic valves.
drop impact test A test whereby a conical body is dropped on a casted wheel or other part to assess its strength, toughness and brittleness against the impact force.
drop protection A device using a ratchet mechanism or simply a chain or the like set on a vertical casting machine to prevent a moving platen and the upper mold from dropping due to gravity.
dross The chunks of material removed when flux or the like is used to remove oxides generated in molten metal.
duct A pipe installed for sending a gas through for the purpose of air conditioning, ventilation or expelling smoke.
dust collector A device that sucks in dust dispersed into the air due to use of a shotblast machine for grinding and polishing, etc., and collects it in a bag filter or the like for removal. It then expels the clean air back into the room.
dustproofing Protection of personnel and equipment from the casting sand, dirt and dust generated in casting processes, such as use of dust collectors and masks.
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