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Glossary of Casting Terminology "E"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
ejection Once the mold is completely filled and the casting has solidified, it is released (ejected) from the mold using its ejector pins, etc.
ejector pin The generic name for the pins incorporated into a mold for removing a casting from it via ejection. They require high abrasion resistance and toughness, and with high-pressure die casting in particular, they are made of a special tool steel variant with a hardness of 55 HRC or higher.
electric leak What happens when breakage of the insulating material or the like results in an electric current taking a path other than through the intended electric circuit. It may cause electric shock to humans, fire, loss of power, etc.
element Something made from one type of atom and is the base component of a substance.
elongation The amount of deformation when a tensile force is applied to a material.
embossed characters Lettering raised or protruding from the surface of a casting.
emission spectrophotometer A device for qualitative and quantitative analysis that applies energy to a metallic sample to cause it to emit light via electric discharge. It then examines the wavelengths emitted with a spectrometer to determine the type and quantity of the elements contained in the sample.
engraved mark The numbers or letters, etc., engraved in a cast piece to identify it.
erosion When the surface of a casting, mold, etc., suffers etching due to a chemical reaction caused by water, a chemical agent or the like.
eutectic A type of solidification form and crystal structure created as an alloy metal solidifies, and two or more solid phases crystallize simultaneously from the liquid metal during solidification.
exhaust Discharged combustion gas from an engine or expelling the air from inside a mold, etc.
eye bolt A bolt with a looped head that is screwed into threaded holes in a mold or other equipment, enabling the hooks on the end of the cables of a roof crane to be attached and lift the item.
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