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OEM Casting and Forging


Glossary of Casting Terminology "O"

This glossary lists in alphabetical order casting industry terms and their explanations.

Word/Expression Explanation
operation panel A control panel with buttons/switches and an input display device like a liquid crystal display for operating a casting machine.
operation rate The rate of actual production as a percentage of the theoretical maximum production rate of a facility.
outboard engine An independent propulsion system installed at the rear on the outside of a watercraft. Powerplants include gasoline engines and electric motors.
outlet A site where a fluid is discharged by means of a pump or the like.
overall accuracy The degree of correctness or precision with respect to the technical drawing (blueprint) or basic dimensions when the finished casting is measured.
oxide A compound of oxygen with some other element. If generated in molten metal, it remains within the cast product as an impurity and may cause defects such as hard spots.
oxide film A thin film of stable rust on the surface of metals such as iron or aluminum that serves as a layer of protection.
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