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Marine Products : Swimming Pools

Introducing Yamaha Motor Marine Products : Swimming Pools

Product Profile

In Japan, school swimming pools, children’s pools, leisure pools, pools for health and rehabilitative use, competition pools and pool renovation form the major demand for this segment. By material, pools can be categorized into FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) pools, metal pools and concrete pools. In addition to a short construction time, FRP pools feature not only light weight, high strength and workability, but also excellent resistance to weathering and earthquakes and heat retaining property.

Background of the Business

Utilizing FRP technologies cultivated in its boat development and manufacturing, Yamaha Motor commercially released Japan’s first 100% FRP pool in 1974. Yamaha has supplied a large number of pools across Japan since then.
We have achieved top position in aggregate domestic shipments of school pools, and recorded strong sales of pools for preschools in recent years.

Current Market Conditions

As swimming pools at public facilities, kindergartens and nursery schools, and elementary and junior high schools increasingly deteriorate with age, demand for renovations to extend their useful life is increasing.
Pools are being used at social welfare facilities and private swimming clubs for safe walking and exercise to improve the health of the elderly and persons with disabilities. Meanwhile, due to factors such as the progressively declining birthrate, the merger and closure of schools and the outsourcing of swimming classes to the private sector, the number of new orders for elementary and junior high school pools is continuing to decline.

Adapting FRP Technology to Offer New Solutions

Leveraging the material advantages of FRP, such as its light weight, toughness and high degree of design freedom, together with the design and analysis expertise we have accumulated in the manufacture of pools and boats, Yamaha is adapting its FRP technology to provide new solutions. FRP is drawing attention as a substitute for concrete and other building materials in construction, such as the use of FRP slabs to sandwich the lightweight core of a park pedestrian bridge and capsule hotel units.


Name of company (Site) Location
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Arai Site) Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan
FY2023 domestic school pool*
demand by materialNote: Yamaha Motor surveys
FY2023 domestic FRP pool* demand and Yamaha Motor unit shipmentsNote: Yamaha Motor surveys
Yamaha Motor sales from pools

Note: Yamaha Motor decided to terminate its sales activities and withdraw from the swimming pool business on March 31, 2024. However, we will continue to provide after-sales service for pools, etc., that we have already delivered.

Business Operations

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