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Introducing Yamaha Motor Others : Golf Cars

Product Profile

Golf cars have become popular on golf courses today because they save labor, let golfers transport their own clubs, lighten work for caddies, and encourage smoother, more enjoyable rounds. Various specifications are available based on market and consumer (golf clubs and resorts) needs. Options include passenger capacity (2 or 5 passengers), the power unit (gasoline engine or electric motor) and the operating system (electromagnetic guidance or manual).

Background of the Business

In 1972, Yamaha Motor began developing a land car for use at a resort owned and operated by Nippon Gakki (presently Yamaha Corporation), later segueing into the development of golf cars, which the Company released for the first time in 1975 with its YG292 model. Subsequently, as the business has grown, in addition to production at our factory in Japan, we commenced production at a factory in the United States in 1988 followed by Thailand in 2015, and have now produced more than one million golf cars in total.

Current Business and Market Conditions

In Japan, demand is highest for five-passenger models, which also carry caddies, and in the U.S., where caddies are often not used, demand is highest for t wo-passenger models. O ur ongoing efforts to provide customers with even greater value have included the introduction in 1996 of an electromagnetic guidance model that can operate autonomously using mounted sensors to trace electric cables buried underground or be operated by remote control, as well as a more environmentally friendly model with a quieter electric motor in 2000, and a new series in 2018 that is equipped with a driving support system that can remember routes.


Name of company Location
Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd.* Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America* Georgia, U.S.A.
Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand

* Group company

FY2019 worldwide demand for golf cars by regionNote: Yamaha Motor surveys
FY2019 Yamaha Motor unit sales of golf cars
Yamaha Motor unit sales of golf cars
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