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Introducing Yamaha Motor Marine Products : Marine Engines

Product Profile

Marine engines used to propel boats can be categorized into three types: outboard motors, stern drives (inboard-outboard motors), and inboard motors. Outboard motors, which are suited for small to medium-size boats, are mainly known for their excellent affordability, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and high space efficiency and are used by a variety of people all over the world. In developed regions like Europe and North America, they are primarily used for leisure, while in emerging countries they are predominantly used for fishing and transport/transportation.

Background of the Business

Applying its small engine technology developed for motorcycles, Yamaha Motor released its first marine engine, the small outboard engine P-7, in 1960. In the more than 60 years since, the Company has expanded its marine engine lineup to suit manifold uses and conditions in the various locations they are used, focusing especially on outboard motors, including models with increasingly large horsepower and models that have better fuel efficiency and are designed to withstand more extreme environments. Cumulative production of Yamaha outboard motors reached 12 million units in 2019.

Current Business and Market Conditions

Yamaha outboard motors are based on the principle of being reliable and durable, with light weight and a compact size. With a variety of sizes from 2 horsepower to 425 horsepower, they range from environmentally friendly 4-stroke models that are especially popular in developed countries, to Enduro models with simple structures that are suitable for use in emerging countries and electric models for coastal commercial fishing, and from recreational to commercial uses.
We also offer products installed on boats in combination with our outboard motors, including an information management system that informs the driver of the engine status and navigational situation, and a boat control system that assists in maneuvering medium-size and large boats at low speeds through narrow areas. Complementing the engines is an extensive range of peripheral equipment to better enjoy the boating life, like the Yamaha Command Link Plus system for monitoring engine status and more, and the Helm Master EX boat control system that assists in maneuvering the craft.
More than 90% of Yamaha outboard motors are exported to markets outside Japan, and are currently being sold in roughly 180 countries and territories.

Next-Generation Boat Control Systems

HARMO, a new boat control platform that integrates an electric propulsion unit and a steering system, will be launched in Europe in 2022. HARMO is a fully integrated system that combines an electric motor for propulsion with a remote-control box for throttle work, a joystick for intuitive operation and other components.

Helm Master EX

Helm Master EX

The Helm Master digitally controls all the steering, gear shifting and throttle work of twin or triple mount large-class Yamaha outboards. Complementing the standard steering and remote control unit, the single joystick control enables fore-aft, port-starboard and diagonal motion as well as in-place rotation of the bow. The autopilot function also allows the boat’s course to be maintained automatically even in wind or tidal conditions.


HARMO Next-Generation Control System

HARMO Next-Generation Control System


Name of company (Factory) Location
Medium-size and large 4-stroke outboard motors and large 2-stroke outboard motors Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.(Fukuroi South Factory) Fukuroi,Shizuoka,Japan
Small and medium-size 4-stroke outboard motors and small and medium-size 2-stroke outboard motors Yamaha Kumamoto Products Co., Ltd.* Yatsushiro,Kumamoto,Japan
Small 4-stroke outboard motors and small 2-stroke outboard motors Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.* Thailand

* Group company

FY2021 worldwide demand for outboard motorsNote: Yamaha Motor surveys
FY2021 worldwide demand and Yamaha Motor unit sales of outboard motorsNote: Yamaha Motor surveys
FY2021 Yamaha Motor unit sales of outboard motors
Yamaha Motor unit sales of outboard motors
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