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Robotics : Surface Mounters, Industrial Robots and Semiconductor Post-Processing Equipment

Introducing Yamaha Motor Robotics : Surface Mounters, Industrial Robots and Semiconductor Post-Processing Equipment

Product Profile

Surface mounters are industrial robots that are designed to mount electronic components onto printed circuit boards used in various electric and electronic products, including the electrical components for smartphones and automobiles. Yamaha Motor has a full lineup of industrial robots, comprising single-axis robots, cartesian robots, SCARA robots, multi-axis vertically articulated robots, and linear conveyor modules, which are used in a variety of manufacturing processes including conveyance, supply, assembly, and inspection.
In 2019, Yamaha started handling semiconductor post-processing equipment such as bonding equipment and molding equipment.

Background of the Business

Yamaha Motor began research and development of industrial robots in 1974 to streamline the production of its motorcycles and improve manufacturing precision. In 1976, the Company introduced SCARA robots in-house to assemble parts on its motorcycle production lines, and in 1981 entered the industrial robot business. In 1987, the Company began marketing surface mounters, the cumulative production of which had reached 50,000 units by March 2020.
In 2019, YAMAHA MOTOR ROBOTICS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (YMRH) was established. Through the business integration with SHINKAWA LTD. and APIC YAMADA CORPORATION, we made a full-scale entry into the semiconductor post-processing equipment business. In 2020 YMRH became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha and changed its corporate name to Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. (YRH) in 2021. We are building a system that provides total solutions from semiconductor post-processing to the surface mounting process and the automation/FA area of peripheral processes.

Current Business and Market Conditions

Surface mounters, Yamaha Motor’s core product in this business segment, are high-speed modular units that boast superior mounting speed in both standalone applications and multiple-unit configurations. Yamaha Motor commands the largest market share for generalpurpose surface mounters. Using a “one-stop smart solution” concept, we are enhancing our lineup of surface mounters to respond to changes in market needs—from large-volume, high-speed production to production of multiple models with high versatility, while also handling component storage systems, printers, dispensers, and inspection equipment as the industry’s leading full lineup manufacturer of mounting equipment, with a business that promotes higher efficiency, increased autonomy, and labor savings in the mounting workplace.
Yamaha stands out for its full lineup of industrial robots, from single-axis robots to multi-axis vertically articulated robots. These robots are used in a broad range of areas, including the automotive, electric and electronic, and food industries, and are making major contributions to the automation of manufacturing processes.

Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Development

Yamaha is currently developing cobots designed to interact with human operators, aiming for a full market launch in 2022. The prototype under development is capable of tasks requiring varying applications of force, such as polishing, insertion and assembly work. It also immediately detects the presence of any intruding human limbs and ceases operation, ensuring it has the high level of safety required of cobots. Demand is expected to grow in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in particular.


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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Hamamatsu Robotics Base) Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
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