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3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X Specifications, External dimension

Complete renewal and updating of both hardware and image processing software has vastly improved x-ray 3D imaging and led to the advanced TypeHD/TypeHB.


Applicable PCB
 Size L100 × W50 to L560 × W460mm
 Mounted components Upper limit 40mm, lower limit 80mm (40mm during inline)
 Warpage 2.0mm or less
 Weight 2.0kg or less
X-ray inspection TypeHD TypeHB
 X-ray detector FOS flat panel system High speed type Direct conversion panel method Long service life type
 Resolution 7 to 54μm 18 to 54μm
 Maximum field of view 62 × 78mm 52 × 45mm
 Inspection speed 2D-X 93.7 ㎠ / sec 24.0 ㎠ / sec
 Inspection speed 3D-X 15.5 ㎠ / sec 4.0 ㎠ / sec
 Method Three-dimensional fault layer inspection by X-ray CT
 X-ray source Microfocus closed tube
 Tube voltage Max. 130KV
 Inspection region (PCB center section) 3D : L510 × W460 mm, 2D : L560 × W460 mm
Visible inspection
 Inspection speed 0.4 sec. / field of view
 Resolution 10μm / 19μm
 Lighting 3-layer dome lighting, upper White(R/G/B) & infrared, mid-White(R/G/B), lower White(R/G/B)
 Image capture system 5 megapixels digital color camera, telecentric lens
 Inspection region L560 × W460 mm
Laser inspection
 Resolution / Method 5µm (height direction) / Triangulation distance measurement by laser spot light
 Inspection region (PCB center section) L510 × W360 mm
X-ray leakage quantity Less than 0.2µSv/h
Power supply / Air supply source 3-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60 Hz / 0.45MPa or more
External dimensions / Weight L1,710 × D1,883 × H1,705mm (excluding protrusions) / Approx. 2,900kg
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

External dimension

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