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3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X Overview

Complete renewal and updating of both hardware and image processing software has vastly improved x-ray 3D imaging and led to the advanced TypeHD/TypeHB.

3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X
3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X
  • Ideal for 100% inspection of onboard automotive products and many other items by 3D X-rays Acquire Layered of Target
  • Switchable Tube voltage 130KV (onboard vehicle use), 110KV (household use), 70KV (device use)
  • Select the type you need X-ray detector, TypeHD (Wide-angle High-speed type), or TypeHB (Long service life type)
  • X-ray, optical, infrared, and laser height measurement as standard equipment. Hybrid and High Reliability with Multiple Inspection Modes

Function and Feature

Inspection with 3D X-rays Slice Section Image

PCB warping is corrected with XYZ fiducial function

Equipped with 3D X-ray, 2D X-ray, Visible, Laser and Infrared

Data Link with Mounter

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