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3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X Overview

Complete renewal and updating of both hardware and image processing software has vastly improved x-ray 3D imaging and led to the advanced TypeHD/TypeHB.

3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X
3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X
  • Ideal for 100% inspection of onboard automotive products and many other items by 3D X-rays Acquire Layered of Target
  • Switchable Tube voltage 130KV (onboard vehicle use), 110KV (household use), 70KV (device use)
  • Select the type you need X-ray detector, TypeHD (Wide-angle High-speed type), or TypeHB (Long service life type)
  • X-ray, optical, infrared, and laser height measurement as standard equipment. Hybrid and High Reliability with Multiple Inspection Modes

Function and Feature

Inspection with 3D X-rays Slice Section Image

PCB warping is corrected with XYZ fiducial function

Equipped with 3D X-ray, 2D X-ray, Visible, Laser and Infrared

Data Link with Mounter

Recommend for Such Production Site

For customers who want to inspect each and every inspection point on a single unit

Capable of inspecting the desired point with the desired head. X-ray hybrid inspection device.

Hybrid inspection device utilizing 2D optical, 3D, 3D x-ray, and laser.

  • 2D inspection function: Extracts images and makes inspection settings automatically using 3 optical inspection algorithms for brightness, color and shape.
  • 2D optical inspection function: Realizes high repeatability by way of a high rigidity frame equivalent to a mounter and 5 million pixel camera, etc. Resolution of 10μm or 19μm is selectable.
  • Swivel type laser measurement: Measures the PCB's height setting. It is also capable of automatic inspections.
  • 3D X-ray CT inspections: It can check solder connections via slice plane images. Resolution: TypeHD: mini7μm/TypeHB:mini18μm.

3D X-ray inspections: Selectable from 2 types

  • "3D-X TypeHD(High-speed high-accuracy):FOS flat panel method X-ray detector estimated service life: 1 year Speed : 5.8cm2/second"
  • "3D-X TypeHB (long-life): Direct conversion panel method X-ray detector estimated service life: 4 years Speed : 1.4cm2/second"
  • Utilizes Yamaha unique in-house digital X-Ray CT imaging technology. It can verify solder connections via slice plane images and can also extract and inspect X-ray slice images at any desired height.

Makes high accuracy judgments on a repair viewer

  • At the repair station, 3D X-Ray inspection results are directly checked as 3 dimensional images and a final judgement made.

Equipped with convenient functions that support data creation and judgements.

  • Yamaha standard library: Yamaha’s in-house developed standard inspection library linking to approximately 80,000 types of SMT components Just choose a component shape and paste it to complete the inspection data.
  • Supports making visual judgements at the repair station and making image judgements from a remote station.
  • P-tool AOI limited (Ysi-OS iPRODB): Create data and use statistic analysis software on an offline PC. It also makes judgement rankings, all image saving and search, monitoring and trace.

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