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3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System YSi-X Feature

Complete renewal and updating of both hardware and image processing software has vastly improved x-ray 3D imaging and led to the advanced TypeHD/TypeHB.

Inspection with 3D X-rays Slice Section Image

Fault layer inspection by X-ray CT

This inspection checks the BGA soldering and so extracts 3D images of just the solder connection.

Hybrid inspections for high reliability

Equipped with 3D X-ray, 2D X-ray, Visible, Laser and Infrared

Three-color of the 3 layers → Optical inspection

Floating leads and component bodies → Laser inspection

Solder joint → 3D X-ray Inspection

Void inspection performance boosted by 3D X-Ray CT image processing Enhanced void inspections mitigate effects from multilayer/back-side component, component build-in board, etc.

Eliminates effects from back-side and build-in components
Void inspections

PCB warping is corrected with XYZ fiducial function

High accuracy information is essential for extracting image of joint surface.

Data Link with Mounter

Easily load YAMAHA mounter data and import it to inspection data

Mounter data

  • Mounting data
  • BGA pin information
  • Fiducial data
  • Component lead shape

Makes inspection data

  • Assigns inspection field of view
  • Auto collating of inspection library data


ECO operation capable of 3D imaging by pulse emission with minimal X-ray irradiation

X-ray source & X-ray detector material renewal fee service contracts are also available.

(Contact us for inquiries regarding conditions and price, etc.)

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