YAMAHA Revs your Heart

Rev Exercises

For the shoulders, arms, legs, lower back, and fingers
Upon receiving feedback concerning fatigue from individuals at workplaces, the Rev Exercises were created for employees working at factories and offices by arranging the training regimen of Jubilo Iwata’s professional football players.
These 32 exercises individually address fatigue in specific areas of the body that were reported to be under stress and can be performed anywhere while sitting on a chair or standing.

Basic exercises to quickly get rid of fatigue in each part of your body in a balanced way


Upper Body Version

Lower Body Version

Chair Version


The Story

When you’re tired, rev up your body and mind with these "Yamaha exercises" born from employee feedback.

Performing the same work every day and constantly stressing certain parts of the body can lead to chronic fatigue or the entire body feeling exhausted. Exercises done by athletes are effective for solving such problems. Appropriate exercise techniques stimulate sympathetic nerves, which leads to alleviating stress and reducing mental fatigue. These are exercises specially developed to help your body avoid tiredness and prevent decay of bodily functions by getting you to move parts of your body you don’t normally use and by relaxing the parts you overuse.

Just like an engine building revs, Yamaha would like to deliver Kando to the world by providing more joy and excitement to its employees in their everyday lives, enabling them to keep fatigue at bay and their bodies healthy at "high revs."


Titles are as of February 28, 2019.

Yoshihiro Hidaka

President and CEO, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

First and foremost, aim to "Rev" up your mind and body.

"Health and productivity management" as a term has been drawing greater attention lately. I believe that we can only "Rev" up our customers with the unique style of Yamaha when our employees are healthy in both mind and body.

Yamaha's business is diverse and our employees have equally diverse jobs. As such, the body will feel different types of fatigue depending on the tasks being performed. I ask that you use the Rev Exercises suitable for you and your working conditions, and engage in your day-to-day work with your mind and body at "high revs."


  • Joined Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in 1987 after graduating from the Faculty of Law of Nagoya University.
  • Became the president and CEO of the company in 2018.

Atsushi Kanno

Jubilo Iwata Physical Training Coach

Activation of Muscles and Nerves

When you feel tired, your body's physical functions are likely weakened. The Rev Exercises are based on the concept of creating a body that avoids tiredness by exposing it to more active exercises.

In football, the lower body gets stronger naturally through regular training. However, if you do not train your core and upper body in a balanced manner, you might get injured or not be able to give your best performance.

Many Jubilo Iwata players do their own individual exercises before and after training. We aim to improve their performance by reducing fatigue through supplemental exercises for the core and the upper body.

The Rev Exercises are aimed at activating muscles and nerves, and improving blood circulation to further reduce fatigue by actively engaging parts of the body which feel a little weak or those that are not used much throughout the day.

As a further evolved form of the Rev Stretch, I hope you make use of the Rev Exercises to reduce your fatigue and acquire stronger, healthier body.


  • Born in 1965 in Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Coached the Yamaha Motor Football Club, Japan's U-23 National Team at the Athens Olympic Games, and others.
  • Currently works as the physical training coach for Jubilo Iwata.

Yuu Kimoto


Feedback after trying the exercises
Being a choreographer, I always warm up before I get started so not to injure myself. After doing the Rev Exercises, my body felt several times lighter and I could move really easily. Even on a cold day, you're warmed up after just 10 minutes of doing these exercises. I think that the order is excellent as they start from the edges of the body like the neck and the palms.

Which exercise did you like best?
The series of movements where you move the shoulders up and down, bring the shoulder blades close to each other with your hands clasped behind your back, and then put your palms behind your hips and move your arms like they're wings. Right after doing this, you can really feel the improved blood flow around your shoulders and back, and it becomes addictive in a sense.

Benefits of moving your body every day
Something I feel quite often is on days when I've moved a lot for lessons, rehearsals and the like, my body doesn't feel as heavy, I sleep better and wake up rested the next day compared to days when I don't move that much like holidays or when I only have meetings. It makes me realize anew that the bones and muscles of the human body were meant to be kept moving.


  • Born in Ehime Prefecture.
  • Graduated from the musical course of Department of Theatrical Arts of the Osaka University of Arts.
  • Active in numerous stage performances, commercials, etc.
  • Began her career as a choreographer after doing choreography for TV commercials in 2003. Strives to constantly absorb and create new things and express them through choreography across a variety of mediums, from commercials and stage performances to concerts.

Titles are as of February 28, 2019.