YAMAHA Revs your Heart

Rev Stretch

"Rev Stretch" refers to original stretching exercises by Yamaha for Yamaha — exercises
developed through the collaboration of Yamaha Music and a Jubilo Iwata coach that are
designed to prepare you and every Yamaha employee fully revved up in body and mind and ready to work.

Big in Sports,
Big in Motorcycling
Put Rev Stretch to Use Any Way You Like!

Rev Stretch was created to help Yamaha Motor employees exercise more and prevent injury. It's a set of warm-up exercises are effective not just before starting work, but in a wide range of other situations as well.
Rev Stretch is free to use by anyone and we hope you try these exercises at home, work, before doing sports or heading out for a motorcycle ride. However, the Rev Stretch background music (both versions) cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you wish to download the music or video itself,
please contact Yamaha Motor's Corporate Branding Group by phone or e-mail.

E-mail: brand@yamaha-motor.co.jp

Streaming Free To Play

Normal Version

Taiko Drum Version

Taiko Drum Version

Composer, Arranger and Lyricist

Koichi Tsurusaki

My arrangement makes use of Japanese traditional musical instruments such as Koto, Shamisen, Hayashi and Taiko drums, to give the song an authentic Japanese feel. I composed this song with an intention to create unique Japanese ambience.

Music Therapist

Miyuki Nakai

For Rev Stretch fans who make daily effort to keep physically fit for work, this humorous arrangement using Japanese instruments is a trigger to arouse our sense of play, and I'm sure it has a great effect in lifting our mood.


New Changes for Your Body - New Changes for Yamaha The Significance of Rev Stretch's First Update in 20Years

1. It lifts your mood and puts you in a new frame of mind.

Taking up stretching as a daily habit before starting work can help change your mood. With Rev Stretch, the original music and narration rev your heart even more!

2. It boosts teamwork.

Having everyone do stretches together lets you monitor not just yourself, but the state of health and any absences among other employees as well. It's precisely because this is something that's always done as a group that it's important to rev the hearts of the entire team through stretching.

Rev Stretch is a set of stretching exercises that embodies the brand slogan of "Revs your Heart."
It's different from previous exercises because it has been designed to rev -- excite and thrill — not just the body, but the heart as well.
To enable us at Yamaha Motor Company to keep on creating exciting new Kando experiences for our customers, we'll use Rev Stretch to rev the heart and body for every employee.


Titles are as of October 5th 2015.

President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Yanagi

I want for us to start the day full of energy and "Revs your Heart" awareness.

"Revs your Heart" -- this is our brand slogan.
"Rev" means to gun an engine, and to boost excitement.
In the Yamaha Motor Group, we aim to rev up our customers with Yamaha spirit, and also to rev up all of us who work so that we can do our jobs with enthusiasm. What drives this relaunch is the desire for every employee to start the day full of energy and "Revs your Heart" awareness.
Get yourself revved up first, then go do your job with the energy to make your customers and colleagues feel the "Revs your Heart" spirit.


President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Born November 20, 1954, in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, joined Yamaha Motor Company in 1978. After holding position including Senior Executive Officer of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Chief General Manager of Manufacturing Center, in 2010 he assumed his current position as President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


Stretch Exercise Consultant

Atsushi Kanno

A blend of static and
dynamic stretches.

At Jubilo Iwata, before training and games, we always warm up with stretching exercises.
Warmup exercises prepare the body physically, of course, but emotionally, too, they can increase motivation and help unlock the athlete's own unlimited potential. I proposed Rev Stretch based on the same concepts as Jubilo Iwata warmup exercises. One feature of these is that they interpose dynamic stretches for relaxing muscles and rotating joints between conventional static stretches. Relaxing between stretching makes the stretches more effective. Dynamic stretches also help boost circulation and raise body temperature.
Do Rev Stretch exercises at the beginning of the day to get your blood moving and start your work with excitement and gusto.


Physical Coach with Jubilo Iwata ※

Born 1965 in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Coached the Yamaha Motor Co. football club, U-23 Athens Olympics Japan team, and others. Currently trains players as Jubilo Iwata's physical coach.
※ The football team of the J-League

Composer, Arranger and Lyricist

Koichi Tsurusaki

The uplifting note in the end will give a powerful start to send you out into the day

My name is Koichi Tsurusaki – a composer, arranger and lyricist at Yamaha Music Publishing, Inc. The music for “Rev Stretch” which I supervised the production, is intended to serve as an engine to get a kick start of a new day thorough stretching exercise before people go to work in the morning. The songs were written with an idea to end with soaring excitement. The sound of the strings and piano creates an image of a beginning of the new day, which is refreshing yet forceful. I sincerely hope that my music, together with the stretching exercise, will give you the energy to get you through a day.


Composer, Arranger and Lyricist – Yamaha Music Publishing, Inc.

An appealing and versatile creator of sound who can handle any genre of music, from ballad to up-tempo. His area of expertise is diverse, from songwriting for recording artists to the production of commercial jingles and soundtrack music for films. His accomplishments also include a number of musical arrangements and productions.


Yuji Ikegaya, PhD

Persistence pays off with
even greater refreshment.

These stretches has been designed based on the progressive muscle relaxation method developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson. This method leads the body to relaxation through repeated tension and relaxation of the muscles, with its effectiveness verified by numerous academic studies. In the USA it enjoys a history of some hundred years, and is officially listed as a stress-reduction technique in the "mental healthcare" items announced by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Doing them daily, a little at a time, is certain to heighten their refreshing effect.


Department of Chemical Pharmacology
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The University of Tokyo

Born 1970 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Researcher in the plasticity of the brain and publisher of numerous general-readership works on neuroscience. (Publications include The Over-Evolved Brain and Blind Spot of The Heart.)

Video Exercise Demonstrator

Eriko Hamada

I feel lighter and I can tell my back is more limber.

Rev Stretch is made up of simple movements, like the kind everyone did when they were small. After doing Rev Stretch my whole body feel refreshed and lighter, and my back feels more limber, as if I've grown a bit taller.
I always make a point of doing some kind of physical exercise in the morning, but even if you don't have much time to exercise, doing Rev Stretch can help you start the day off feeling great. And if you think about what parts of the body you're stretching, you might enjoy even better effects! Give it a try!


Reporter, Emcee, and Yoga Instruction

Born January 7, 1984. Active as a reporter and emcee for a wide range of sporting events, centering on motor sports. Currently active as a yoga instruction and operator of her own yoga studio. Enjoys staying physically active, and also competes in triathlons.

Music Therapy Adviser

Miyuki Nakai

A Way to Get Ready for the "Release" That Work Is

Music therapy, fundamentally, is planned to meet individual needs, so changing and soothing an unspecified large number of people at one time is quite a difficult thing to do. People get to the workplace in the morning in a wide range of different states, you see. But even so, they all have the same goal of starting work. Whether for individuals or groups, of the five kinds of functions of music that I deliberately make daily use of in music treatment -- stimulation, uplift, release, calming, and incitement -- in the musical production for Rev Stretch, I used the four functions other than "release."
I did this to set the stage for the "release" embodied by work that follows after. Just relax, concentrate on the music, let your body go, and do the exercises.


Certified Music Therapist
Japanese Music Therapy Association

Graduate of the Kunitachi College of Music. Worked involving the topic of "communication through expression" in such areas as preschooler learning materials, events, musicals, television, radio, and advertising. Thereafter engaged in improvisational music therapy and technical support for her juniors, pursuing music therapy tailored to Japanese. Published works include 2003's Interactive Music Collection for Mother and Child: Play for You – A Music Room for Heart-to-Heart Talk.

Titles are as of October 5th 2015.

Sure to get you in the mood for Rev Stretch!
Games and the audio for a taiko drum version available for download!

"Revs your Heart" taiko drum version!