YAMAHA Revs your Heart

For factory workers
Based on words from the YAMAHA manufacturing
and inspection team who works in our factories.
This part of our
body gets tired!
My legs get tired since I work on my feet all day.
I have to lift and hang up products, so my lower back and back feel tired.
My body gets tense as I have to stand in the same position when working.
My arms and wrists are put under stress as I have to push things.
My neck and back get tired from looking downwards when I am working.
(Woman in her 10s / Inspection)
(Man in his 30s / Construction)
(Man in his 40s / Construction)
This exercise helps to
solve such tiredness and worries!
Jubilo Iwata Physical Training Coach
Atsushi Kanno

Blood circulation worsens and our body stiffens when we keep the same posture. Besides, it is easy to feel tired when blood circulates badly. Fatigue substances can be removed and fresh blood can be transferred to tired spots by improving blood circulation. In other words, instead of taking a break, we should "move our body actively" especially the parts where we feel tired. Blood circulation removes tiredness.

When moving heavy components and items in factories, the fingers and shoulders are stressed, and since the head-down position is kept for a long time, the back and body are stressed. These help to reduce fatigue in those stressed areas and refresh the poor blood circulation that results from sitting for long time, and gain "a body that doesn't tire out so fast".

Rev Exercises -
For factory workers

Hit the play button!
Simple exercises last for approx. 5-minutes!

Opinions and comments
from those who actually tried.

YAMAHA employees in our factories who carry out tasks
such as assembling motorcycles and inspection tested these exercises and answered a survey.

Q1. Do you feel these exercises are effective for people who do similar work?


My body felt lighter after completing the exercises. They were designed for people who work in factories, and were more effective than I expected.
(Man in his 20s / Construction)
Q2. Do you plan to continue doing these exercises in the future?


I was glad these exercises relieved pain in my shoulders,back, and lower back.
(Man in his 40s / Construction)
It’s great that I can take care of my body when I get home or during breaks.
(Man in his 40s / Inspection)
It became easier to relieve shoulder and neck fatigue.
(Man in his 30s / Construction)
It was good that I could exercise in a short period of time.
(Man in his 20s / Construction)