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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart



Hybrid Placer i-Cube10 Feature

Yamaha proprietary hybrid placer, best suitable for module device, that consists of semiconductor and SMD.

Mixed mounting of semiconductor and SMD

It is capable of various types of the production process, and YRH10 realizes SMT for semiconductor, SMD in one unit. Post-mounting inspection is provided as a standard feature.

Supply patterns

Pin transfer of adhesives (option)

Example of module component packaging process

Dipping station
Dipping pins

Pallet types

Wafer pallets (standard)

6inch wafer pallet
8inch wafer pallet

Waffle tray pallets (custom order)

2inch waffle tray pallet
Maximum settable number of pallets : 9
4inch waffle tray pallet
Maximum settable number of pallets : 4

High-speed and high-accuracy mounting

Placer with 10-nozzles on the mounting head realizes high productivity while maintaining high-level mounting accuracy.

Inline head with a scan camera

High-speed flexible head covers from super-tiny components to middle size odd-shaped components. The adoption of a scan camera makes the operation distance from pickup to mounting shortest, which achieves high productivity.

Scan camera

Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS)

New compensation function + high-accuracy positioning

Yamaha proprietary Compensation System realizes high mounting accuracy of ±15μm (μ+3σ).

Available for intelligent feeder and various options

Available for intelligent feeder which improves the pickup accuracy for tape reel component.
Combining with the Multiple Accuracy Compensation System MACS realizes high-accuracy component pickup and mounting.

ZS feeder

ZS feeder

Available for electric intelligent feeder which are also used for machine. Compact and light-weight feeders improve the workability and reduces burdens to operators.

Auto Loading Feeder

An Auto Loading Feeder for which two reels can be set in advance is also supported. This type eliminates the need for splicing and can vary the supply timing. This significantly reduces the decrease in the operating rate due to running out of components.

Various options

Nozzle station
Make automatic replacements of special and spare nozzles.

Available for nozzles stations, blow stations, and other options for various applications.


  • Nozzle station
  • Blow station
  • PCB height measurement laser sensor
  • Nozzle height compensation touch sensor
  • Multi camera
    (A complete set for the front is available as an option,field of view : 20mm)
  • Ionizer (tape feeder side and wafer side)
  • IT option Note
  • YSUP Programming / YSUP Material Information Note
  • Dipping station
  • Wafer mapping (comes with barcode reader) Note
  • Pin sensor
  • Machine internal lamp LED
  • Temporary holding station
    (Mounted on front side of machine : 1 pc. maximum)
  • Muzzle plate (conveyor port safety cover)
  • QFP recovery conveyor
  • Monitor offset
  • Reel holder
  • Empty tape box
  • Flat ring tray (extended 6.8 inches)

Note : Please inquire for further information.

Applicable for various production processes

Customizable for various production layouts based on product types.
The highly productive flexible placer contributes to realizing highly efficient production processes.

Standard layout

■Rear:YWF wafer supply unit
■Front:Feeder (24 in-line plate) x2

For power modules (custom-order layout)

■Rear:YWF wafer supply unit
■Front:Solder cutter x2

For MEMS sensors

■Rear:YWF wafer supply unit
■Front:Feeder (24 in-line plate) + dipping station

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