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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart



High-efficiency Modular Z:LEX YSM20WR Feature

All-purpose surface mounter with the highest speed in its class brings 1head solution evolution to a whole new level!

Achieves both a whole new dimension of versatility and high-speed for mounters via the 1-head solution

1-head solution

Two types of heads are available that bring the "1-head solution" to an even higher dimension capable of accommodating a wide range of components while maintaining high speed with no head replacement. High-speed general-purpose heads can be used for ultra-small (0201mm) chip components.

High-speed multi-purpose (HM : High-speed Multi) head

This universal type head made for high-speed mouuting and versatility supports from ultra-tiny chips of 0201mm to large-size components of 55 x 100 mm and height of 15 mm.

Odd-shaped components (FM : Flexible Multi) head

Super wide-ranging type head supports load control, and handles a broad spectrum of components from ultra-tiny chips of 03015mm, to ultra-large components of 55 x 100 mm and tall components of heights to 28 mm.

Huge improved adaptability to actual production

Mounting a new type wide-scan camera increases and expands recognition capability to support high speed mounting of components down to only □8 mm to □12 mm in size. Also, use of side lighting gives high-speed recognition of ball electrode components such as CSP (chip scale packages) and BGA (ball grid arrays).

Beam variations available in 2 types

Achieving a common platform allows selecting from 1-beam and 2-beam for configuring the X-axis according to production mode and mounting capability.

Wide support capability turns the concept of “Limitless EXpansion” into a reality!

Compatible components

Conveyors available in freely configurable variations

Easily links with Z:TA-R, allowing a configuring a dual-lane line that best matches your production style.(When using conveyor separation specifications of 630mm between 1 to 4 lanes) Single lane is also available in super large size specification of Max. PCB thickness of 8.0mm or Max. PCB weight of 10kg.

Single lane
Dual lane
conveyance of 2 boards with Same type PCBs
Dual lane
Conveys 2 boards of Different type PCBs

Numerous functions to support high-quality mounting are included as standard features.

Side view function

Detects pickup status and component’s presenge with no downtime loss.

Blow station

Automatic blow cleaning function keeps nozzle clean for long periods.

High-speed smart recognition

Highly robust “High-speed Smart Recognition” that also creates recognition data for custom or unique components in a short time is now standard equipment.

Accumulation of all images (All Image Tracer)

Saves all of your mounter component recognition images on-time, and all the way through the production process yet with no stress. Gives powerful support for analyzing component mounting quality.

Achieves highly-streamlined components supply

sATS30NS Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement


In addition to sATS30 and cATS10, automatic replaceable tray component feeders, sATS30NS which enables pallet replacement with automatic operation continued has been added to the product lineup. Supply of pallets to the magazine is complete just by setting new pallets in exchange for empty pallets that have been automatically ejected and pressing a button. It is possible to set magazines at once in the setup process, achieving a substantial reduction in trouble and loss regarding component supply.

Auto Loading Feeder

Tape components can be supplied just by inserting the tape without stopping the machine. The unique center open technique from Yamaha drastically reduces components pickup errors that occur from static electricity and the residue when peeled from the tape. No recovery of top tape is needed which vastly increases the operating rate.

ZSR feeder

Super-slim, ultra-light electric intelligent feeder that realizes high workability and reduction of work burdens of operators. With its high durability, comfortable workability is supported without maintenance over an extended period of time.

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