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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart


Premium Modular Σ-G5SⅡ Feature

The “1-head solution” rotary head provides speed, versatility and high operating ratio.

Achieves streamlined, high efficiency production

Overdrive motion

  • Simultaneous mounting by opposing heads promises high-efficiency production!
  • Mutual pickups by opposing heads makes both heads be able to pickup all components in both front and rear supply area. Both heads can share units such as multi-stage tray feeders, coplanarity checkers, tape feeders and nozzle station, with no restrictions on component placement.

Reduced PCB transfer loss by enlarging buffer size

Using PCB standby for part of mounting area, allowed increasing buffer from conventional size of L280 millimeters to L410 millimeters.

Achieves high-speed, high accuracy and high quality mounting

High-speed one-by-one pickup & mounting

  • Using 15 nozzles per head produces 37,500 CPH which is the top industry production level!
  • Rotary direct drive head has simple design using no external drive parts such as gears or belts yet gives high-accuracy mounting.

Side-view function

  • Detects part pickup attitude with no time loss and feed data forwards to the mounting height.
  • Extends part pickup detection range to just before mounting to ensure hig component mounting quality. Detection timing is selectable from 3 modes.
  • Also supports mounting components ‘bring-home checks’ (a nozzle check before pickup)

Even on rotary heads, Yamaha gives the 1-head solution!

Head variations & compatible components

Includes coplanarity for high-speed and high-reliability

  • Uses the YS series highly rated camera unit.
  • Scan time reduced 50% by using 3D camera system.

The Super Loading Feeder totally innovates components supply tasks!

  • Auto-loading lowers the burden on the operator so that “anyone, anytime, can easily set” components for feed and supply.
  • Supports continuous non-stop operation and needs no splicing!
  • Top tape non-peeling method has no static electrical charges, is dustproof, and the top tape doesn't have to be recovered later on.

Full range of feeder and supply device options to match your production format

  • Feeder carriage exchange
  • Multi-stage tray feeder (Σ-G5SⅡ)
  • Stacking stick feeder (Σ-G5SⅡ)
  • Flux coater unit
  • Coplanarity checker (Σ-G5SⅡ)
  • ACV (Advanced Component Validation)
  • LISA (Line Information Support & Administration)
  • Application software

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