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3D Hybrid optical inspection system (AOI) YSi-V Feature

Includes 2 dimensional inspections, 3 dimensional inspections and 4-way oblique imaging inspections all in one unit! TypeHS2 realizes highest level inspection speed by further accelerating TypeHS.

2D High-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections

High resolution camera having 12Megapixels

The YSi-V is the first in the industry to utilize both a 12Megapixels industrial grade high-resolution camera, along with a high-pixel compatible telecentric lens having the high-resolution indispensable for high-accuracy inspections.
In addition to the 12μm lens, the lineup also includes a 7μm lens that enables higher resolution inspection. Adding a high-speed image processing control system and other features achieves high-speed along with high-accuracy and expanded field of vision.

Provides optimal inspection technique selectable from 5 different methods

3D Height, and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections(option)

High-speed measurement achieved by raising all viewing field heights.
2-D imaging reliably detects floating or unseated parts etc. even in tough, hard-to-find cases.
The 7μm lens capable of high-definition inspection includes inspection function for ultra-tiny 0201 chips that employs a newly designed high magnification projector.

  Components with leads Chip components
3-dimensional inspection
2-dimensional inspection

4D∠ 4-direction angular camera(option)

Besides 2-dimensional inspection from directly above the PCB, gives batch imaging of the entire field of vision by 4-direction sideview inspection with no tact loss! This also allows visual inspections without having to touch the PCB, since imaging allows checking the PCB in 4 directions just as if you’re holding it in your hand. This also helps prevent operator errors and drastically shortens the process time. Also supports automatic inspections for defects not visible from directly above the PCB such as solder bridges between pins under component bodies.

Latest software solution using AI

Support to boost IQ or Intelligent Quality!

The inspection history management software iProDB lets you monitor the status of mounters, printers, and inspectors all in just a glance! The iProDB amasses test result data to calculates potential trouble warning signs. It gives vital intelligent quality (IT) support it applies to process improvements.

Mobile Judgement and QA option

Inferior images are sent to the operator’s mobile unit via a wireless LAN, which makes it possible to judge pass or fail remotely. The system allows line operators to also make decisions, contributing to labor savings.

Automatic inspection data creation

The system can directly convert all types of data (e.g., CAD, CAM, and mounter data) into inspection data and automatically creates PCB images from Gerber data. The system detects through holes on DIP PCBs automatically and can create inspection data automatically.

Automatic component library matching [AI function]

AI automatically identifies the component types based on images taken by the camera and applies the optimum component library automatically, contributing to simplifying the inspection data creation.

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