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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart


3D High-speed Solder Paste Inspection Machine YSi-SP Feature

Eagerly awaited SPI from Yamaha Gives your one stop solution from printing machine to AOI

“1-head solution” to perform various inspections with a single head

One head type supports all types of inspections. Eliminate all types of losses such as time and cost to increase your actual productivity.

Achieves high-accuracy high-speed inspections using 3D+2D inspection, image resolution switch-over and more

Highly accurate 3D inspections by applying unique 3-step algorithm

01Focus adjustment

The camera height corrects by automatic focus adjustment to follow up on any PCB warpage down to ± 5 mm.

02Surface area measurement

Measure the surface area by accurately extracting the contour of the solder paste by 2D ring lighting.

03Height measurement

Measure height of solder paste by phase shift method and extract volume value.

High precision 2D contour extraction

Reproduces accurate shapes by combining with phase shift method.

Mounter data

Accurately reproducing shapes is difficult due to noise.

Makes inspection data

Gives high reproducibility for extracting contours by 2D inspection.

Supports high-speed and high-resolution inspections in just one unit!

Super high resolution technology delivers switchable resolution for each visual field.

Extensive machine-to-machine (M2M)solution

The Yamaha brand can provide all main equipment needed for component mounting in one package and by linking SPI with each piece of equipment creates a production line having boosted quality and productivity.

Automatic setup changes

Settings such as production line PCB data and conveyor width are sequentially sent from upstream units by scanning ID such as for barcodes listed on PCB and instruction sheets to automatically to shorten the time needed to switch setups and make changeovers.

Feedback print offset

Feedback print offset and initiate cleaning cycle acquired by SPI to the downstream printer to give high print quality.

Remote pass-fail judgment

One PC handles second pass-fail judgment of both AOI and SPI. This makes better job efficiency of second pass-fail judgment.

Automatically converts coating inspection data

Create coating data from the dispenser and send to SPI in just one click!

Statistical Process Control (SPC) for diverse statistical processing

Saves all pad images and measurement data, performs statistics and analysis of holes and slits by multiple methods, software from 1 PC connects to up to 6 SPI units.

Extension conveyor boosts job efficiency

Extension conveyor available with shutters on the IN and OUT ends. Better job efficiency for PCB removal and check tasks.

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