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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart



3D Hybrid Modular

Ultimate Flexibility to realize 3D MID* Placement
  • Enhancement to 3D MID
  • Large board handling capability
  • Wide ranging component handling capability and high feeder capacity
  • Ultimate flexibility and fast & easy setup
3D MID: Molded Interconnect Device


Board size(with buffer unused) Min. L50 x W30mm to Max. L1,330 x W510mm (Standard L955)
Board size(with input or output buffer used) Min. L50 x W30mm to Max. L420 x W510mm
Board size(with input and output buffers used) Min. L50 x W30mm to Max. L330 x W510mm
Board thickness 0.4 - 4.8mm
Board flow direction Left to right (Std)
Board transfer speed Max 900mm/sec
Placement speed (12 heads + 2 theta) Opt. Cond. 0.08sec/CHIP (45,000CPH)
Placement accuracy A (μ+3σ) CHIP +/-0.040mm
Placement accuracy B (μ+3σ) IC +/-0.025mm
Placement angle +/-180 degrees
Z axis control / Theta axis control AC servo motor
Component height Max 30mm*1 (Pre-placed components: max 25mm)
Applicable components 0201 (mm) – 120x90mm, BGA, CSP, connector, etc. (Standard 01005 -)
Component package 8 - 56mm tape (F1/F2 Feeders), 8 - 88mm tape (F3 Electric Feeders), stick, tray
Drawback check Vacuum check and vision check
Screen language English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Board positioning Board grip unit, front reference, auto conveyor width adjustment
Component types Max 90 types (8mm tape), 45 lanes x 2
Transfer height 900 +/- 20mm
Machine dimensions, weight L1250xD1750xH1420mm, Approx. 1,200kg
Board thickness + Component height = Max 30mm
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
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