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Satisfaction on the production floor. Quantity x Quality x Labor-saving: SMT solution

Here are various SMT solutions that can be realized by adopting a production floor consisting of Yamaha’s SMT equipment.

Satisfaction on the production floor.  Quantity x Quality x Labor-saving: SMT solution
Make high-mix production efficient

Achieving high productivity for high-mix low-volume production

In high-mix production, production efficiency fluctuates greatly depending on which PCBs are produced in which order and on which line.
We can optimize ease of use in high-mix production, especially with a mounter head that has a wide variety of applications to produce various PCBs and components at high speed.

Flexible high-speed head that can cover a wide range of components

Though high-speed, the head can mount components measuring up to 55 x 100 mm T=15 mm. The HM head with 98,000 CPH can provide efficient production for any product regardless of the line, without needing head exchange.

  • No need to exchange the head or nozzle holder for specific PCBs.
  • Easy to balance the line.
  • Common setup reduces the number of setups needed, while maintaining cycle time.

YRM 20 HM head: flexible and provides efficient production for either PCB

Minimizes the number of setup steps, making high-mix low-volume production efficient

Yamaha mounters have high feeder capacity, so using the common setup function will reduce the number of setups needed.

In addition, with advanced optimization software, it is possible to devise optimal production allocation and common setup groups by considering peripheral information such as reflow oven temperature and solder type.

Max. 128 component types

Production planner : Optimization of common setup

Support software achieves error-free setup off the line

To configure the machine for efficient high-mix production, all the components needed for the next production need to be set together on a feeder carriage in a setup process off the line.
Because setting the wrong components will reduce production efficiency, Yamaha provides software that enables the operator to complete the off-line setup correctly.

Verifying setup

Large PCB handling capability, producing large PCBs as standard

Yamaha equipment can produce large PCBs as standard.
Inspection equipment, printers, mounters can each take on PCB width of up to 610 mm.
S20 can also mount the components of long PCBs up to 1,830 mm long as standard option, with the flexibility to accommodate production of long PCBs such as LED PCBs.

Maximum PCB lengths:1,830 mm
Large PCB handling capability
Even as components shrink, the line will be able to dispense them at high speed

High-speed, high-accuracy dispensing that supports 1005 components

As components have grown smaller, production PCBs for DIP that require dispensing are now seen mounting sub-1005 chip components.
Yamaha offers high-accuracy dispensers that can handle small components.

High-speed, high-accuracy dispensing

With its air pulse dispensing system, YSD can dispense size-1005 chip components at high speed and accuracy. Also available is even higher-accuracy dispensing for smaller 0603 chips with our S10/S20 screw-type dispense head.

High-speed Dispenser YSD

Also be applicable for other purposes.

  • *Temporarily fixing components on the surface of flow-soldered components
  • Preventing large components on double-sided reflow PCBs from falling
  • Underfilling
  • Increasing solder
  • Dispensing silver paste

Materials supported: glue, solder, silver paste

Hybrid dispensing head that can switch to component mounting

In some cases, manufacturers need to dispense production PCBs but do not want to purchase an entire system because the volume of PCBs is too small.
S10/S20 dispensing head can solve this problem because it is easy to exchange with a mounting head, so the system can operate as a mounter when dispensing is not needed.

3D Hybrid Modular S10/S20

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