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Proposal for production line of PCs

Production line that can mount a wide range of component types, from ultra-tiny to odd- shaped components, with good balance

Outline of applications


Eliminating necessity of replacing heads for changeover



Type of production

Medium Mix - medium Volume production


The "1 Head Solution" can handle a wide variety of component types without replacing heads.

Machines to be installed

YSP10, YSi-SP, YRM20 and YSi-V

Proposal for production line

Examples of customers’ problems and needs

Dealing with odd-shaped components

Dealing with odd-shaped or tall components causes the operation to lose time balance and prevents increased productivity.

Components supply

Components are used too fast to be replenished.

Productivity per area

The production volume needs to be increased as much as possible with a limited floor space.


Dealing with odd-shaped components

(YRM20): Choose from among three types of heads in accordance with the components to be mounted. Each type of head can deal with a wide variety of components to realize stable productivity with good balance.

Components supply

(Auto Loading Feeder): The Auto Loading Feeder enables presetting two reels of chip components and setting them without skills.

Productivity per area

(YRM20): YRM20 realizes a productivity of 115,000 CPH, the highest in the world among this class.

Expected introduction effects

Dealing with odd-shaped components

Producing various types of products is available. It maintains the cycle time for a wide variety of product types, which makes it possible to achieve high productivity as a whole, In spite of the fact that it is handling odd-shaped or tall components.

Components supply

Auto Loading Feeder can preset two reels to prevent shortage of components. The frequency of replenishment of components is decreased significantly, which reduces the burden on operators.

Productivity per area

This production line equipment can be installed in a small space, realizing an overwhelming productivity per area.

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