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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart


Proposal for production line of EMS

SMT line that realizes both high-mix production and high-quality/high-productivity production

Outline of applications


Labor saving



Type of production

Variable Mix - Variable Volume production


Commonization of changeover work by utilizing universal heads and a grouping function to minimize changeover counts.

Machines to be installed

YSP10, YSi-SP, YRM20 and YSi-V

Proposal for production line

Examples of customers’ problems and needs

Dealing with odd-shaped components

Dealing with odd-shaped or tall components causes the operation to lose time balance and prevents increased productivity.

Changeover work

Changeover work including replacement of feeder carriages consumes much work and time generating a machine down-time.

New product type

The production of a new type of product needs to reach the maximum output from the beginning.


Dealing with odd-shaped components

(YRM20R): The HM head can handle a wide variety of components from 0201mm to W55 × L100 mm.
Yamaha’s original technique of dramatically shortening the head traveling distance and dual-stage mounting enables high-speed mounting of odd-shaped or tall components.

Changeover work

(YSM20WR): The large feeder bank improves the effectiveness of the changeover work commonization. Compact carriages are easy to handle.

New product type

(YSUP): For a new type of product, the new program can easily be created by scanning sample PCB and converting gerber data.

Expected introduction effects

Dealing with odd-shaped components

Producing various types of products is available. It maintains the cycle time for a wide variety of product types, which makes it possible to realize high productivity as a whole, In spite of the fact that it is handling odd-shaped or tall components.

Changeover work

This line reduces the burden of changeover work on operators, leading to improvement in machine operation rate and reduction in operational errors.

New product type

Production data can be created easily, new order and sample order can be handled smoothly.

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