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Terms Explanations
BinarizationTo convert a gray image to 0 (black) and 1 (white) reference on a certain threshold value. By separating the object from the background by binarization, it is possible to identify objects such as marks and parts.
CpkProcess capability index Indicates where the variation of data is in the position of the upper and lower limits of the standard in a process of a product, and the larger the value, the higher the process capability. Even if the variation is small, the value of Cpk decreases when the average value is away from the center of the standard.
AGVIt is stand for "Automatic Guided Vehicle". An unmanned guided vehicle.
It is widely used for distribution purposes in factories, etc.
In the SMT process, the use of reel components is becoming popular.
CmkMachinery (equipment) capacity index. An index representing the instantaneous device-specific capability under certain conditions.
It is sometimes used separately from Cpk, which represents the process capacity of the production site.
CTIt is stand for "Cycle Time". The time between the completion of one task and the completion of the next, as described in "Cycle.
EMSIt is stand for "Electronics Manufacturing Service". Conduct outsourced production of electronic equipment.
DXA digital transformation. This refers to the concept of transforming people's lives into better things by using and penetrating the technology of evolved IT.
In the business world, it is used as a meaning in which companies use data and digital technology to transform products, processes, services, business, etc.
KPIIt is stand for "Key Performance Indicator". An indicator that serves as an intermediate target by quantifying, in observable form, the indices that is the most important for achieving the target. The setting of KPI allows us to know the daily progress relative to the target.
LCR checker (meter)An equipment capable of checking constants of resistance level for coil and capacitor components. In the SMT process, the constant of the component placed on the double-sided tape may be measured manually in order to check correct or incorrect components placement with the first piece of PCB in production.
In recent years, there has been an increasing number of cases in which LCR checkers have been installed on the pick and place machine to perform automatic measurements immediately after reel replacement or splicing joints to prevent incorrect components placement.
SMTIt is stand for "Surface Mount Technology". This word means the general technology related to the method of assembling an electronic circuit board by mounting electronic components on the surface of a printed circuit board with a circuit pattern and joining electrodes of electrodes and parts of the board. Instead of the conventional through-hole method, which fixes the lead (metal rod type electrode) to the hole, it has become the mainstream technology of the current board assembly method.
UPSIt is stand for "Uninterruptible Power Supply". Introduce this device to prevent the product from being damaged during a power failure.
Modular mounterThe concept of pick and place machine that Yamaha proposed first in the world at the time of developing a full-vision mounter YV100/YVL88 released in 1996. The concept is to develop a machine with two different characters, a high-speed machine and a general-purpose machine with the same size, and to reconfigure the optimum line for the production at that time by rearranging the machine in a short time in the same space, and also to be able to efficiently increase the number of machines in modular units according to the capacity and budget required for the increase in production volume. In the 2000s, the concept of modular mounter was replaced main stream of SMT industry from conventional large size rotary turret mounter. And most SMT manufacturers in the world now adopt the modular concept.
IonizerA device that neutralizes static electricity generated in the production process, etc. Generally, static electricity is neutralized by ionizing air in the atmosphere, and static electricity is neutralized.
InterlockA control method that ensures safety and quality so that operations cannot be performed unless certain conditions are satisfied during a certain operation.
Wafer mappingTest information such as the operating characteristics of individual chips formed by the semiconductor wafer processing step shall be recorded as wafer map data along with coordinate information.
It's make possible to do selective die pick-up by identifying the characteristic feature of die at the die bonding step in semiconductor back-end process.
In-line set-upPreparation and set-up work for production of the next production model to be performed at the equipment on the SMT production line. The operation rate lowers, because it is accompanied by the line stop in the setup work.
ExpandingThis is the word of after wafer dicing process in semiconductor manufacturing process. The expanding (stretching) process of dicing tape held on wafer ring in order to facilitate picking up each of die by ensuring the distance between adjacent die.
ThresholdA value that forms a boundary line. In SMT, a threshold is used to convert image into black or white color (Binarization) for the purpose of identifying the target object such as component and fiducial mark from gray color images.
JigEquipment used to improve efficiency and quality in each process, such as assembly process, and inspection process. In the SMT process, the board suction jig of printing press, scissors used for splicing and the like.
Stand aloneEquipment shall not be in-line and shall be installed as a single unit.
Self-alignmentA phenomenon in which small and light components move from their original placed positions due to surface tension of liquefied solder during solder melting in reflow oven.
This phenomenon sometimes ensures strong solder bondability, but at the same time, when the movement from the placed position, such as LED chips,self-alignment gives negative affect to the product performance, it is necessary to pass the reflow oven process after fixing the components with adhesive dispensing.
Off-line setupPreparation and set-up work for next production model production performed outside the SMT line (offline). Preparation is possible without stopping line operation.
DashboardOriginally, it means an "instrument panel" such as an automobile. In the production field, it often refers to functions and screens that collect data from multiple sources, compile and visualize it, and display it in a list. Yamaha provides ”Live Dashboard" that visualizes the production status of SMT floors and lines in real time, and "Analysis Dashboard" that analyzes the availability and implementation quality in real time and contributes to the improvement of productivity and quality.
TeachingThe manual machine operation by operator in order to make part of necessary data in order to run the program by machine.
In case of Pick and Place machine, fiducial camera may be used to teach the coordinates of components pick up and placement position.
DispenserIn SMT process, dispenser is mainly used for liquid type (lower viscosity) adhesive or solder in order to dispense them smaller than a few millimeter dot diameter size onto the board.
Load cellA sensor that detects the load force. In SMT, it is used for load control of components placement in Pick and Place machine, and pressure feedback control of printing squeegee in printing machines, etc..
One-head solutionA Yamaha Pick and Place machine concept that enables simultaneous realization of high speed and accept wide range of components type with one type of placement head. In case of exclusive placement head system, such as high speed-Chip shooting head, IC-mounting, head and Odd-shaped components head, require head exchange following the type of placement program in order to keep optimum placement speed. It will generate operation time loss, investment loss for spare head, line balance loss, and also require a lot of repair parts stock.The Yamaha concept of Pick and Place machine "One-head solution" can realize both high efficiency and high cost performance simultaneously by eliminating those losses.

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