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OEM Casting and Forging

Diasil Cylinder(Die-casting Aluminum–Silicon Cylinder)

The higher silicon aluminum alloy Diasil Cylinder reduces the weight of the engine and improves wear resistance.

Diasil Cylinder(Die-casting Aluminum–Silicon Cylinder)

Diasil Cylinder
(Die-casting Aluminum–Silicon Cylinder)

Yamaha Motor was the first manufacturer in the world to develop a cylinder with the DiASil. It used the controlled filling (CF) die-casting technology to make an aluminum alloy containing higher silicon possible for using, which had been considered very difficult for the castings. The manufacturing technique makes mass-production to be realized for all-aluminum cylinders that had excellent sliding characteristics without a sleeve, and increases wear resistance, production efficiency, obtains good recyclability.

Product category Motorcycles
Casting method High-pressure die-casting
Material ADC14
Used for Engine
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