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Magnesium Die-Cast Rear Arm

We use die-casting to produce these lightweight magnesium rear flame.

Magnesium Die-Cast Rear Arm

Magnesium Die-Cast Rear Arm

Of the common alloys, magnesium is the lightest and boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio, thus making it an excellent material for reducing weight. Together with the recyclability of magnesium die-cast parts, a wider range of possibilities for use are expected to emerge in the future. Yamaha utilizes AM60 magnesium alloy for die-casting subframe of motorcycles requiring the highest levels of performance: supersport models. Use of these parts improves their maneuverability and handling stability.

Product category Motorcycles
Casting method Magnesium die-casting
Material Magnesium alloy (AM60)
Used for Chassis
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