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Intake Manifold

This long-runner intake manifold made with a high-precision shell core brings higher performance and intake efficiency in automobile engines.

Intake Manifold
Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold

This intake manifold is part of the intake system of a V-engined car, and needed to provide long runner length within a limited amount of space. Yamaha utilized a combination of shell sand cores to clear this requirement, contributing to higher overall engine performance. The shell sand cores to produce this intake manifold are made of very fine sand to allow smooth flow of the air through the intake in the finished product. And by combining the sand cores with a jig, dimensional accuracy was improved, thereby ensuring solid performance. This intake manifold achieves both an increase in performance and a decrease in cost, as well as reducing the number of parts from two to one. The bigger throttle body size resulted in 8 more horsepower while manufacturing costs were reduced by about 20%.

Product category Automobiles and Others
Casting method Low-pressure casting
Material Aluminum alloy (AC4B)
Used for Engine
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