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Promoting Safety

We will introduce some of the safety promotion activities undertaken by Yamaha Motor, including details of YRA for motorcycles and initiatives in various countries.

YRA - Yamaha Riding Academy

YRA: For Safe Riding, Now and Going Forward

SDGs Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages SDGs Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

In addition to achieving its corporate mission of being a “Kando Creating Company,” Yamaha Motor strives to fulfill its social responsibility to enable customers to ride safely. Testament to this commitment is Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) which runs safe riding courses around the world. To ensure that our products are used properly, safely and enjoyably, and serve our customers well, we offer a wide range of activities including safe riding courses for general customers, classroom instruction for companies and organizations that use our products commercially, and courses to train instructors at affiliates around the world.

YRA - Yamaha Riding Academy

YRA Instructor Hierarchy

We have established a YRA instructor hierarchy to support quality YRA activities around the world. In addition to riding ability, instructors are required to be certified in the following skills:

  • Understanding and being able to explain YRA’s philosophy and purpose
  • Manners and rules for dealing with customers
  • Holding and conducting classroom lectures
  • Knowledge and ability to explain safe riding
  • Knowledge and ability to explain and demonstrate safe riding
  • Knowledge and ability to explain products and pre-ride checks

The YRA instructor hierarchy has three levels of certification:

YMC Trainers (YMC = Yamaha Motor Company)
YMC trainers are from YMC, and visit affiliates around the world to conduct training for and certify trainers and instructors.

Trainers are located at affiliates around the world and have been promoted to the rank of instructor after being certified by YMC trainers.
They train and are authorized to certify instructors in their own companies.
They also hold and conduct YRA classroom lectures for customers.

Instructors are certified by YMC trainers or trainers from their own companies, and are located at affiliates around the world.
They hold and conduct YRA classroom lectures for customers.

YRA Instructor Certification
YRA Instructor Certification

Basic YRA Programs (Case Study)

YRA has a broad range of students, from beginners, current riders, return riders and children to companies and organizations, that use motorcycles for commercial purposes.

Basic YRA programs are held based on the needs of the customers taking the course and the characteristics of the products being used.

Actual riding instruction is carried out in cooperation with local Yamaha affiliates, founded on basic YRA programs and taking into consideration customer needs, traffic safety issues, and other local circumstances.

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