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Promoting Safety

We will introduce some of the safety promotion activities undertaken by Yamaha Motor, including details of YRA for motorcycles and initiatives in various countries.

YRA - Yamaha Riding Academy

YRA: For Safe Riding, Now and Going Forward

SDGs Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages SDGs Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) is a safety and promotion activity that we develop around the world to ensure our customers use Yamaha products “properly," "safely," "enjoyably," and "usefully" so that they can experience the value they expect.

YRA - Yamaha Riding Academy

YRA Instructor Hierarchy

We have established a YRA instructor hierarchy to support quality YRA activities around the world. In addition to riding ability, instructors are required to be certified in the following skills:

  • Understanding and being able to explain YRA’s philosophy and purpose
  • Manners and rules for dealing with customers
  • Holding and conducting classroom lectures
  • Knowledge and ability to explain safe riding
  • Knowledge and ability to explain and demonstrate safe riding
  • Knowledge and ability to explain products and pre-ride checks

The YRA instructor hierarchy has three levels of certification:

Master Trainers
Master Trainers are responsible for the training and certification of trainers.

Trainers provide training and certification for instructors.
They hold and conduct YRA classroom lectures.
They create local programs.

Instructors hold and conduct YRA classroom lectures.
They instruct customers how to ride according to the manual.

YRA Instructor Certification
YRA Instructor Certification

Examples of Activities in Various Countries

Here are the major activities we are engaged in.

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