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Introducing the stories behind Yamaha Motor's technologies.

1997 Ichimura Industrial Award: Contribution Prize

"Y-Hot" gas heat pump with new exhaust heat recycling system
This engine waste heat recycling system works such that when the air conditioner is in use, waste heat is sent through spiraling pipes (to increase surface area) into an accumulator filled with liquid refrigerant. The liquid absorbs the heat and causes it to evaporate into refrigerant gas, which is then recycled through to the compressor.

1991 Energy Conservation Prize: Outstanding Product Award

Multi-purpose 3 hp 3-room Yamaha gas-powered air conditioning system
This cost-effective Gas Heat Pump (GHP) air conditioner system used engine exhaust heat to enhance heat exchange efficiency, and was especially effective when utilized for heated flooring and the like.

1989 The Japan Gas Association Technology Award

Development of a compact gas-heater pump
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