Yamaha Motor's Waza and Sube


2020 IBEX Innovation Award

Helm Master EX
This control system for outboard-mounted boats aids pilots with the various operations needed when docking, setting off and the like—from moving in the bow, stern, port and starboard directions to turns, diagonal movements and full 360° rotation—all via intuitive joystick operation. The EX features all-electric steering and several autopilot features developed in-house for the first time.

2017 Japan Boat of the Year: Special Award

Helm Master
This control system for outboard-mounted boats provides electronic control of all the steering, gear shifting and throttle functions, etc., to allow intuitive control of the boat via a single joystick for maneuvering through narrow waterways, when docking or setting off and the like.
Isao Kanno
Research & Development Section, Marine Engine Business Unit

2013 APAC Best Paper Award

Support Effects of the Haptic Throttle Grip by the Friction Circle on the Driving Wheel
Manabu Fujito, Kouji Sakai, Yasunobu Harazono
Advanced System & Safety Technology Research Division, Research & Development Section, Technology Center
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