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Hand-make the world of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. by amigurumi

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PAS battery by Amigurumi
YZF-R1M Muffler by Amigurumi
Rugby ball by Amigurumi
E-Vino by Amigurumi
Premium Yacht(EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X)by Amigurumi

Hand-make the world of Yamaha Motor by amigurumi.

PAS battery

Power assisted bike PAS* battery recreated almost life-size
*Derived from the initials of "Power Assist System"

YZF-R1M Muffler

Muffler in the shape of a YZF-R1M bike muffler – this bike has the ability conquer the circuit!

Rugby ball

Rugby Top League The Yamaha Motor Jubilo Official Ball


Electric Retro Pop Scooter E-Vino


We have reproduced the Premium Yacht EXULT36, of which Japan can be proud

Generator EF1000iS INVERTER

We have reproduced this almost life-size generator (EF1000iS).


We made an amigurumi NIKEN, a sports touring bike featuring two front wheels.

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