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Industrial drone YMR-08 cushion how-to guide

We made a cushion of the industrial drone YMR-08 by amigurumi. How-to videos and an amigurumi pattern are available.

We made a cushion of the industrial drone YMR-08 by amigurumi.

Yamaha Motor’s industrial drone YMR-08 was developed based on pest control drones that were cultivated onsite in Japanese agricultural areas.
We have created the impressive black and white features of the YMR-08 in an amigurumi cushion.
Why don’t you look at the amigurumi pattern and videos and welcome a little friend who supports Japanese agriculture into your home?
As a result of being particular about getting the shape of the bottom as close to the real thing as possible, the shape might not be very easily used as a cushion *.

*This will depend on the person.


Yarn / OthersYou will need the following yarn and materials to create your drone.

Fine yarn Grey,White,Yellow,Green. Light yarn Black,Grey. Medium yarn Grey,Black. Ultra-thick yarn White. Embroidery thread Black,Light grey. Sewing thread temporary & final stitching: black. Memory polyurethane foam 40cm×40cm×4cm thickness: 2. Fastener 50cm; black.

Tools you will need

Tools you will need

These are the tools that you will need to make the industrial drone YMR-08 cushion.

[1] Scissors  [2] Hooks 2/0 4/0 7/0 
[3] Needle [4] Row marker [5] Knitting needles 
[6] Cloth pins

Industrial drone YMR-08 cushion amigurumi pattern

amigurumi pattern

You can download the amigurumi pattern that shows the crochet design in PDF format for free in order to make your industrial drone YMR-08 cushion. The pattern contains crocheting instructions, yarn thicknesses and colours.
Size, shape and measurements of the inner cushion are included in the pattern. Please print out the pages in their actual size, attach to A4 paper and use in this way.

Actual size printing
Please specify ‘Actual Size’ when printing. Please check that it is the actual size by comparing the sheet scale with a ruler.


1 Lamp


2 Lens


3 Tuning fork mark

Tuning fork mark

4 How to sew on the product logo part

How to sew on the product logo part

5 Caution label

Caution label

6 Cutting the cushion

Cutting the cushion

7 Crocheting the front of the body

Crocheting the front of the body

8 How to cast on, start crocheting and join

How to cast on, start crocheting and join

9 Body finish (front)

Body finish (front)

10 Body finish (back – assembly)

Body finish (back – assembly)
Done Done

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