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Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X) how-to guide

Reproduce the beautiful curves of the Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X) with amigurumi. We provide how-to videos.

Let’s make a Premium Yacht by amigurumi.

The Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X), of which Japan can be proud, achieves unprecedented design,
unprecedented glide and unprecedented comfort.
Why not look at the pattern and the videos and make our Premium Yacht with amigurumi?

Required items

Tools / yarn you will need

Please prepare the yarn and tools that you will need to make the yacht. See the pattern and how-to videos for where to use what.

  • 道具
  • 毛糸

[1] Dot punch [2] Tweezers [3] Scissors [4] Hooks (3/0, 5/0) [5] Pins [6] Needle [7] Masking tape [8] Cardboard [9] Yarn - Navy blue, White, Pale blue, Light grey, Grey, Golden yellow
and Stuffing

Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X) amigurumi pattern

amigurumi pattern

You can download the PDF amigurumi pattern designs to make the Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X). The pattern includes knitting instructions as well as instructions for yarn thicknesses and colours.

Download the Premium Yacht pattern


Parts by colour

See the Basic Amigurumi Lesson page for the basics of amigurumi. Once you have seen that, have a go at making the Premium Yacht (EXULT36 Sports Saloon-X).

We have made how-to videos showing the parts in different colours so that it is easy to understand how they are made and assembled. Enjoy our specially made how-to guide.

Names of parts

Please refer to the following diagram for the names of the parts of the Premium Yacht.

Names of parts

[1]Radar Gate [2]Seat [3]Seat [4]Wind Shield [5]Main Salon [6]Front Window [7]Sky Light Hatch[8]Hull (Upper) [9]Plinth part [10]Hull (Lower) [11]Aft Hatch [12]Radar Gate Sideparts

[13]Flying Bridge (Rear) [14]Slide Door [15]Aft Deck・Transom Step[16]Engine / Propeller [17]Ocean View Port [18]Side Window [19]Flying Bridge (Front)[20]Cockpit

1 Hull


2 Transom Step

Transom Step

3 Main Salon

Main Salon

4 Flying Bridge (Rear)

Flying Bridge (Rear)

5 Radar Gate

Radar Gate

6 Hull (Rear)

Hull (Rear)

7 Main Salon (Rear)

Main Salon (Rear)

8 Wind Shield

Wind Shield

9 Front and Side Windows

Front and Side Windows

10 Sliding Door

Sliding Door

11 Ocean View Porthole, Skylight Hatch

Ocean View Porthole, Skylight Hatch

12 Aft Hatch, Cockpit

Aft Hatch, Cockpit

13 Seat


14 Engine / Propeller

Engine / Propeller

15 Radar Gate Side part

Radar Gate Side part

16 Plinth part

Plinth part
Done! Done!

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