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NIKEN how-to guide

NIKEN reproduced by amigurumi. Here are the how-to videos.

Try making NIKEN by amigurumi

NIKEN, an ingenious styling bike created with LMW technology in the 2 front wheels.
We have made a how-to guide to recreate this NIKEN by amigurumi.
Look at the patterns and how-to videos for each part and take up the challenge.

Required items


You will need the following colours of wool.
Wool weight is medium and light.


NIKEN pattern


Download the PDF pattern free of charge for the blueprint for knitting the NIKEN. The pattern contains knitting instructions as well as the required weights and colours of wool.

Download the NIKEN pattern


Parts by colour

See the Basic Amigurumi Lesson page for the basics of amigurumi. Once you have seen that, have a go at making the NIKEN.

The NIKEN is made up of mostly black parts so we have made how-to videos showing the parts in different colours so that it is easy to understand how they are made and assembled. Enjoy our specially made how-to guide.

Names of parts

See below for the names of each part of the bike.

Names of parts

1. Fuel tank 2. Handlebars 3. Windshield 4. Mirror / flasher light 5. Front cowling 6. Headlight 7. Arm 8. Fender 9. Front fork 10. Front tire 11. Radiator 12. Exhaust 13. Muffler 14. Bracket 15. Disk brake 16. Swing arm 17. Rear tire 18. Fender 19. Engine part 20. Seat 21. Frame 22. Side cover

1 Knit the fuel tank

Knit the fuel tank

Watch the basic lesson video and start with the fuel tank.

  • 01 Look at the pattern and knit the required chain stitches.
  • 02 Then knit 1 starter chain stitch.
  • 03 Reverse the stitches to pick up the bottom.
  • 04 Knit 2 single crochet stitches on the 1st bottom stitch.
  • 05 Single crochet each stitch until before the last bottom stitch.
  • 06 Knit 2 single crochet stitches on the last bottom stitch.
  • 07 Turn the fabric round 180 degrees and knit 1 single crochet in the same way as 1-5.
  • 08 Pick up the 1st stitch and single crochet each stitch.
  • 09 Knit 1 single crochet stitch to the stitches in 1-3.
  • 10 Knit a slip stitch on the 1st stitch to complete the 1st row.
  • 11 Knit 1-A and 1-B, adding stitches according to the pattern.
  • 12 Stuff and sew 1-A and 1-B together.

2 Knit the engine

Knit the engine

3 Knit the radiator

Knit the radiator

4 Knit the tires

Knit the tires

Make 2 front tires in the same way.

5 Knit the headlight

Knit the headlight

Next, knit the opposite light according to the pattern.

6 Knit the handlebars

Knit the handlebars

7 Knit the bracket

Knit the bracket

Knit 7-A as shown in the video then attach to 7-B.

8 Knit the exhaust

Knit the exhaust

First, knit 2 of 8-A according to the pattern.
Pick up 5 stitches from the 1st 8-A and then from the 2nd, go back 1 stitch and knit the slip-stitched parts.

9 Knit the front cowling

Knit the front cowling

10 Knit the engine part

Knit the engine part

Knit each part of the frame according to the pattern. Attach each part as shown in the illustration.

11 Attach the seat

Attach the seat

Knit the top and bottom parts of the seat according to the pattern.

12 Knit the disk brake

Knit the disk brake

13 Assemble the parts surrounding the rear tires

Assemble the parts surrounding the rear tires

14 Knit the underside of the front cowling

Knit the underside of the front cowling

15 Knit the mirrors

Knit the mirrors
Done! Done!

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