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NIKEN by Amigurumi

We have reproduced the topical NIKEN bike by amigurumi.


NIKEN made by amigurumi

Sports LMW NIKEN that combines cornering performance supported by the stability created with LMW technology in the 2 front wheels and high-quality cruising that affords comfort even over long distances. We have recreated the characteristic appearance of this bike with by amigurumi.

Collaboration / supervision: Japan Amigurumi Association


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We have published the NIKEN how-to guide.

How about trying to make a NIKEN by amigurumi? We have provided the pattern and how-to videos. Ready to take up the challenge?

See the NIKEN how-to guide
How to make NIKEN

How do I make something by amigurumi?

Learn what tools you need and the basics of crochet amigurumi with these videos.

See basic lesson

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