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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart



High-Speed & High-Accuracy Flip Chip Bonder YSB55w Feature

High bonding accuracy and x3 productivity of conventional machines! This brings a New Era in Semiconductor packaging for the expanding flip chip market.

Bonding process

High-Speed 8-die simultaneous pickup & simultaneous transfer achieve 13,000 UPH

Dual bonding heads Multi-nozzle (8 nozzles per head)

Two 8-nozzle heads with compact design enable high precision force control and also support thin die processing.

Dual flip heads

Achieves high-speed pick-up by parallel processing with 2 flip heads.

Multi-die supply

Equipped with 2 supply units for each flip head unit. Feeds flip chips with no time loss!

High-Accuracy ±5μm (3σ)

High rigidity frame & beam

Meticulous structural analysis and test verification achieve both high-level accel-decel drive and high-precision.

Linear motor/driver designed in-house

Example of measurement results with shaft-spindle stopped

Unique dedicated design gives high-speed along with superb positioning accuracy.

High resolution chip recognition camera

Missing bump check and precise position alignment using bump positions.

Maintaining high placement accuracy

Our in-house developed MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System) has been upgraded and now achieves bonding accuracy ±5μm (3σ). Original heat analysis & heat compensating algorithm realizes consistent placement accuracy.

High-Quality & Flexibility

Newly developed dipping station

Tool-less/skill-less flux thickness setting saves product change-over time drastically.

Nozzle station (ANC : Auto Nozzle Change)

Auto nozzle changer handles chip size range from □2 to 30mm minimizing product change-over time.

Wafer feed unit

Wafer feeder with wafer expander & theta alignment mechanism as standard feature.

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