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Auto Loading Feeder Specifications, External dimension

Anyone, anytime, easy components loading!


Auto Loading Feeder
External dimension (excluding projections) L 549 × W 11.5 × H 278mm
Weight Approx. 1.50kg
Compatible tape Width 8mm, Maximum thickness 1mm
* There are restrictions. Please contact us for more details.
Material Paper / (Emboss * Under development)
* Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Cover Tape (PSA) can not correspond.
Applicable reel specifications Feed pitch setting 2mm / 4mm
Reel width 14.4mm or less, φ382mm or less
When using preset holder, Reel width 13.6mm or less, φ178mm or less.
8mm-converted installation occupied width 12mm pitch
Loadable minimum tape length 400mm or more
Applicable components 0603 to 3216mm
Feeder type 4 types 2S (0603/1005) / M (1608) / L (2012) / LL (3216)
Tape loading time Approx. 5 sec
* From tape feed start to pickup preparation completion.
Compatible mounter YS / YSM / YRM series with tape cutter
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

External dimension

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