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Auto Loading Feeder Feature

Anyone, anytime, easy components loading!

Anyone, anytime, easy components loading!

Auto feed of tape-mounted parts

Auto loading function is simple and usable by anyone, anywhere for feeding of tape-mounted parts. High-speed tape loading time of approximately 5 seconds.
Note : Tape feed start—to—pickup prep completion


  • Reduce tape setting time
  • No need to recover top tape
  • Not needed to splice

Improved machine operating time

  • No machine stops due to empty parts

Reducing operating costs

  • No splice tapes needed

Top tape anti-peeling technique

Unique center-open method reduces part pickup errors occurring due to static electricity and fiber residue from peeling tape.

Superb operability

Tape setting mechanism designed for easy operability

Super-easy to set since it easily pulls out from the feed positon even with feeders on both sides.
Two reels can be set anytime regardless of part feed timing.

Auto loading function comes in a light-weight compact size and reduces workload of an operator.

SS/ZS/ZSR feeder joint interface

Supports YS/YSM/YRM series mounter with tape-cutter.
Supports IT options, and can provide part insertion error preventer and preset display.


High-speed component feed

Supports super high-speed YSM40R-RS head operation. Non-stop feeder can be replaced during ongoing operation.

4 feeder types

Supports component sizes from 0603mm to 3216mm.
4 types of feeders are available according to the component.

Tape cutter jig

Auto Loading Feeder dedicated jig cuts tape at specified matching position.

Tape leveler

Jig to process top tape smoothly and efficiently.

Preset holder

Preset holder attachment allows to set spare reel in carriage.

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