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Forged Aluminum Piston (Tin-plated)

Applying tin plating to forged pistons improves their break-in characteristics.

Forged Aluminum Piston (Tin-plated)

Forged Aluminum Piston (Tin-plated)

Forging is a manufacturing process that press-forms the material without damaging or destroying it. Because the material's metallic particles are densely compacted and its internal crystalline structure is aligned, forging allows for thin, lightweight and very strong parts to be designed and manufactured. By aligning the metal's grain flow lines according to the piston's shape, its strength, durability and impact resistance are greatly improved. Furthermore, tin plating improves the piston's break-in characteristics.

Product category Motorcycles
Material Aluminum alloy (A4Y03FD)
Used for Engines
Diameter 80 mm
Weight 189.1 g
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